REVIEW: Loyals’ Debut Record

For record label Tooth & Nail Records, they have built their name around the rock and alternative scenes with bands such as Anberlin, Emery, Further Seems Forever, and Sent By Ravens becoming favorites to name a few. However, when something special comes along you don’t pass up the chance to have a special artist or […]

Review: Night Verses – Copper Wasp

With the departure of their vocalist Douglas Robinson, Night Verses have continued on as a 3-piece instrumental band. As a surprise they released their newest EP titled Copper Wasp which has released through Equal Vision and produced by none other than Will Putney(Every Time I Die, Knocked Loose), which seems to have played an influence into […]

REVIEW: Jeff Rosenstock – ‘POST-‘

Jeff Rosenstock surprised the music community by dropping his third full length solo LP on New Year’s Day 2018. An indie punk record about aging in the era of Trump, “POST-” places itself as a well added expansion to the artist’s discography by displaying his songwriting chops front and center. Following up 2016’s “WORRY”, “POST-” […]

REVIEW: Camila Cabello- ‘Camila’

In 2017, Camila Cabello certainly justified her risky decision to split off from her girl group Fifth Harmony. She showed off her appealing voice on hits with MGK and Major Lazer, then dropped two of the summer’s breeziest jams. “OMG” with Quavo was nice, but it justifiably took a backseat to the marvelous piano-and-horn-driven “Havana,” […]

REVIEW: Lil Wayne- ‘Dedication 6’ mixtape

During his prime “Best Rapper Alive” era (2005-2009), and maybe even extending a couple years past that period, there was pretty much nothing in hip-hop more exciting than a new mixtape from Lil Wayne. Yes, he released proper albums that amassed extraordinary hype and attention, but it was on his free internet mixtapes that Weezy […]

HARMED release debut EP ‘From Day One’ through Famined Records

If you’re into the classic metalcore sound, HARMED is definitely a band you need to keep on your radar. The Hungarian metalcore band is one I featured before because I was so fascinated with how they were fully independent in their production, as well as business. Now that I’m able to hear their entire EP, […]

REVIEW: Your Favorite Friend- ’99’ EP

Foundation Your Favorite Friend is a folk band from the Northwest. It’s pretty straightforward at its core and that sums up the band to a tee. While the band surely plays on its simplicity in order to push their sound forward, they shouldn’t necessarily be lumped in as an act not worth the time. With […]


Staff Picks Part 3: Albums Of The Year (Big Bands)

We have finally come to the final part of the top albums of the year. This list contains 13 records by better-known bands who have been doing this awhile and have a decent following. We hope you have enjoyed this series and feel free to tell us who your top picks were. You can find […]

Thousand Below

Staff Picks Part 2: Top Album Releases Of 2017 (Smaller Bands)

This is part 2 of our staff picks regarding the top releases of 2017, which we cannot believe is over. Part 1 we listed our top EP picks of the year, so click HERE if you missed that. This list consists of our top album picks from bands who are newly signed bands releasing their […]

Staff Picks: Top Releases Of 2017 PART 1 ( Top EP Releases)

With every year ending comes the reflection of the music released and how it has impacted us. This year is no different as we bring you some staff picks of the top EP releases, fresh face albums, and the big name albums. Each list contains 13 releases so in the words of Samuel L. Jackson […]

Review: with Bravado release indie radio rock influenced 2nd EP

Artist: With Bravado Album: Silent Film Release Date: August 12, 2017 In August the band known as with Bravado released their 2nd EP to date which they titled “Silent Film”. It appeals to the more mainstream rock demographic instrumentally at times but diverges into other genres at different points on the record. There are many […]

Review: Citysick expand on their sound with newest EP

Citysick are an emo-rock band based out of Chico, CA. Get Better is their 2nd release and it expands on that initial sound with a bit more drive to it and upbeat instrumentals. It retains the same straight-forward lyrical style that was apparent on their first release titled Thanks For Trying. Now let’s dig into to […]

REVIEW: Great Grandpa are not just a 90s band on “Plastic Cough”

Just a Few Years… In a short amount of time, Great Grandpa have established themselves as one of the big fish in Seattle’s current music scene. While many factors are at play in their rise to success, the key element that remains consistent for the band is their ability to simply write great songs. Mac […]

Review: Sufferer release full length that summarizes anxiety and depression’s daily effects

It’s been 2 years in the making but we were finally blessed with Sufferer’s newest self-titled full length that tackles what living with anxiety is like. Formed by Shane Gann(Hail the Sun), Blake Dahlinger(I the Mighty), Cory Lockwood(A Lot Like Birds), and Forrest Wright(A Perception), this is what you may call a supergroup. Here’s a […]

Designer Disguise - Feature image review

REVIEW: Designer Disguise clean up nicely on the sophomoric “Surface” EP

Two Years Gone It’s been a little over two years since Seattle metalcore outfit Designer Disguise began their discography with the modest “Hearts & Minds” release. This year’s “Surface” EP introduces a slight emphasis on greater sonic experimentation all encased in a noticeable increase in production quality. Clean First Impressions… Through a tasteful fade-in and […]

REVIEW: Flicker and Fade create hybrid of a record on “Start a Fire” debut EP

Blending Styles Seattle band Flicker and Fade’s debut EP “Start a Fire” is an interesting blend of electric and acoustic arrangements of same songs that create a sonic range spanning from punchy instrumentals through an emotional execution. While calling this EP might be a stretch to some, the arrangements carry themselves well enough to provide […]

Thousand Below

REVIEW: Thousand Below’s ‘The Love You Let Too Close’

Thousand Below Releases ‘The Love You Let Too Close’ One of the most highly anticipated records of the year has been out for a little over a week and we have taken this fully in. Thousand Below announced their signing to Rise Records back in January of this year and since then we have been […]

Review: Glacier Veins let us into their “Dreamspace” with new EP

Portland dream-punk band known as Glacier Veins have just released their newest EP titled “Dreamspace”. This is not the first release from the band, but it is, however, their first release through their label Common Ground Records, which they signed to at the beginning of September. With that, they’ve essentially established themselves as a hard-hitting yet […]

Review: Wolf & Bear are showing us how “Everything Is Going Grey”

Yesterday, October 3rd, the post-hardcore band known as Wolf & Bear released their first full length through the label known as Blue Swan Records. Everything Is Going Grey is an excellent debut from front to back, showing off their post-hardcore roots while leaning on both the heavier and more melodic side of things. The first song […]

Review: Further North blends emo and post-rock in seamless fashion

Review done by Nico Pellowski Artist: Further North Album: Buffalo Release Date: September 9th, 2017 Label: Self-Released Genre: Emo, Post-Rock, Pop Rock REVIEW: Further North’s “Buffalo” is a beautiful indie record that blends the lines of emo and post-rock together in a seamless fashion Sub-line: It’s quite a feat for a band to create a […]

Review: Counterparts expand their sound with newest record

Sure, the title may be a bit misleading, but I say it with the utmost confidence because after 5 listens I still love this Counterparts record front to back. Sure there are moments where it’s nothing crazy unique, but lyrically it brings me back to some moments of their 2nd album “The Current Will Carry […]

Review: Circa Survive release phenomenal new album, “The Amulet”

This being Circa Survive’s 6th studio album, there isn’t much territory they haven’t covered as a band. Fortunately, they always manage to release something that sounds like the classic Circa but with some different influences mixed in. The Amulet is no different, it has some amazing vocal performances by Anthony Green, combined with complex yet tasteful instrumentation by […]

Review: Being As An Ocean have us “Waiting For Morning To Come” with new record

After their latest departure from Equal Vision Records, Being As An Ocean bring us Waiting For Morning To Come, the album we waited so long for. They’re clearly embracing more of a pop element with the added electronics, but to me it’s a refreshing departure from the Dear G-D days. Which is tough to say because […]

REVIEW: Brand New release Science Fiction, their first album in 8 years

That’s right, you heard it correctly. Brand New just surprised us with a new record they call “Science Fiction”. They did so in a way that only Brand New can do and still be loved by their fans, by announcing pre-orders for an unnamed album and 3 days later releasing said album. However, the only […]

Wage War

Wage War Brings Heavy Back

It was 2015 when the breakout metalcore band Wage War dropped their first album, Blueprints. From the moment the album was released, everyone knew that Wage War was a force to be reckoned with. Now, two years later, they have released their second studio album, Deadweight, and fans of the genre are in love. With the way things […]

Album Review: Anxious Arms releases debut EP “Never Was”

Album: Never Was Artist: Anxious Arms Release Date: 8.4.17 Originating from Sacramento, California, this alt punk band Anxious Arms has been gaining a following in their local market. Now they’ve released an EP which they recorded with Connor Rodenbaugh at Sound Heart Collective. The EP spans 6 songs, with every song having at least one […]

Album Review: Swallowed Alive release Kingdom Come EP

Being in a heavy band these days tends to either make people love you, or alienate you. Swallowed Alive are showing us that they’re just doing what they love, and that they’re not just another name to be missed. In 2016 they released their full length Human|Nature, but now they’re back with their label debut […]

Sincerely, Me

Album Review: Sincerely, Me drop debut EP and bring new life to pop punk

Album: Aesthetically Pleasing Artist: Sincerely, Me Release Date: 8.4.17 The California natives of Sincerely, Me have been making a name for themselves in the scene, and for a very good reason. They have that classic pop punk style we all know and love, but there’s something about their sound that is refreshing. To start their […]

ALBUM REVIEW: DED releases new album Mis-An-Thrope & Interview

Artist: DED Album: Mis-An-Thrope Release Date: 7.21.2017 Right away the energy of the whole album from song one on is very groovy, and has you locked in throughout its entirety. A lot of their sound is similar to bands like Slipknot, Beartooth, and Stone Sour. The only reason I mention Slipknot is because when they […]

To Speak Of Wolves interview

INTERVIEW/ALBUM REVIEW: To Speak Of Wolves- ‘Dead In The Shadow’

Ever since To Speak Of Wolves made their return announcement last year we have been super hype on this band again. It has been about 5 years since a full length has been released by the band and we got a teaser last year with an EP called ‘New Bones‘. However, this new record is […]

Album Review: Gravler release new full length through OCML Records

Album: Give Up The Ghost Band: GRAVLER Release Date: 6.22.2017 Gravler are an alt-punk band from Riverside, CA and they’re clearly showing they’ve got what it takes to do great things. With an release show at the Parish Room in HOB Anaheim, which actually sold out, and having such a stacked lineup, speaks for itself. […]

Northern Ghost

Album Review: Northern Ghost’s ‘Happy : Sad : Depressed : Suicidal’

Tragic Hero Records have a new gem in their ranks who just dropped a insane new record. If you haven’t heard of Northern Ghost and their new record ‘Happy : Sad : Depressed : Suicidal’ then you are doing something wrong! Northern Ghost was only started in October of last year according to their Facebook, […]

the acacia strain

The Acacia Strain/Sworn In/Outer Glow + More Release New Albums

Friday’s are not only the best days of the week for starting the weekend and getting paid, but they are also great because of all the new albums that get released! This week was no exception as some highly anticipated records were put out to high praise. We will highlight these in this piece and […]

the acacia strain

The Acacia Strain release Gravebloom while on Warped Tour

Artist: The Acacia Strain Album: Gravebloom Release Date: 6.30.2017 Following a brief 3-year silence of not releasing much content, The Acacia Strain are back at it with a brand new album titled “Gravebloom” to keep things interesting this summer. Prior to this they announced they’ll be joining the Warped Tour lineup all summer long, releasing […]


Album Review: Bermuda ‘Nepenthe’

We bring you a review of the record ‘Nepenthe’ coming out this Friday by Bermuda. The band hails from California and is signed to Urban Yeti Records who are also releasing this record. All I’m going to say is get ready because this record will leave you out of your seats wishing you had LifeAlert. […]