Aim High Set to Release Debut Album “Local Band Forever”

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The energetic pop-punk outfit Aim High, from Columbia, SC, is set to release its first full-length album on July 23, 2021. What a wild journey it’s been for them since I met Caleb “CalebJustCaleb” Brown in 2019 shortly after the band formed. Since then, Aim High has worked with artists like Sleeping With Sirens, Like Pacific, Belmont, and Safehold. Their long-awaited full-length album, Local Band Forever, starts with an opening statement from the one and only Charlie Sheen asking if we’re ready. The features on this album are worth checking out based on that alone. Yet to add to that, Aim High is a band that was formed in 2019 and has achieved rapid growth since then. In that time, they have introduced their music video for ”The Hitchhiker’s Guide To Playing God” to the world via a post on Alternative Press; have been featured on many Spotify playlists, including New Punk Tracks; and have played alongside such artists as Blessthefall, Palisades, Slaves, Glass Houses, Rarity, Never Loved, Young Culture, Brigades, and more. Fast forward to the present where they are releasing an album designed by the talented Mike Cortada, who has worked on album covers for bands like Pierce the Veil and Ice Nine Kills. It’s no easy task to follow the success they’ve had so far, but Local Band Forever does not disappoint. The first song on the album “EZCORE$$$“, featuring Dan O’Connor of Four Year Strong, is a perfect opener, and quickly became my favorite track on the album. The entire album is infectious and lively. The choruses are catchy, and the features are right on track with complementing CalebJustCaleb’s voice. As Lindsay Lohan will tell you at the end of “Counterparts” — “it’s gas”. The album proves that while Aim High may be a Local Band Forever, they’d best prepare themselves for bigger things. 


Aim High Discography: 

  • Garnet Eyes EP 2020
  • Severed Ties EP 2020
  • Local Band Forever 2021

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