“RETURN”: My Chemical Romance Finally Reuniting, Announce Reunion Show in Los Angeles

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It’s Halloween, 2019 – six years after the official breakup of My Chemical Romance. After years of random teases, including what we thought would be a Black Parade 10 Year Anniversary Tour, it appears a My Chemical Romance reunion is actually happening.

The band has posted the above image with the caption “LIKE PHANTOMS FOREVER”, and announcing show dates.

Is My Chemical Romance getting back together?

It appears that a My Chemical Romance 2019 Reunion is happening. The band has posted a few stories on Instagram, revitalized all their social media, and announced a reunion show in Los Angeles.. A Warner UK MCR Store has new merchandise that’s branded “Return”. The merch is available for preorder for Nov 29th.

Social media has some buzz with screenshots of Amazon Music’s verified Facebook account posting that My Chemical Romance is back and has something planned.

Shortly thereafter, this show was announced with a link to purchase tickets, which are live on Nov 01, 2019 – 12:00 PM for $149.50.

There is now an #MyChemicalRomance hashtag, complete with its own emoji, further confirming that this is a big move, and hopefully not just a one-off MCR comeback show or a vinyl re-release, like they did last time.

There is also an event on Facebook on the band’s official Facebook Page, which means that this can’t just be a very elaborate hoax or merch line release.

A few months ago, The Jonas Brothers teased that MCR practices next to them, and it set the internet ablaze trying to find evidence of a reunion, and the “rumors” were dispelled by saying that it was just Frank’s solo project. But in light of this news, it’s possible that the Jonas Brothers were really the first ones to break the news.

My Chemical Romance singer Gerard Way has quelled reunion rumors for years, and since has released a Netflix show and gone on to do all sorts of other things. However, it may be time for them to make it back into the scene, and take the crown.

Other iconic emo-era bands like Fall Out Boy have also taken a number of years before returning with a triumph, doing other projects and taking other creative options before returning to make new music.

Popular podcast host Joe Rogan confirmed yesterday that he and Gerard Way are cousins. This could have been a PR move to get people talking about the band again, prior to the announcement news.

This article will be updated with more news as we receive it. In the meantime, it’s time to catch up on our favorites, like Teenagers, Helena, Welcome to the Black Parade, and all the classics.

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