Revival Recordings

5 Years Of Revival Recordings W/ Shawn Milke (Alesana)

We have been in a close relationship with Revival Recordings ever since their first label tour in 2014. That was also when the label was still getting going in which founder and Alesana guitarist/singer Shawn Milke started a label on the basis of ‘good music by good people’. That mantra has stuck over the first 5 […]

Tim Mctague

INTERVIEW: Tim Mctague (Carrollhood/Underoath)

We got to chat this week with Tim Mctague best known for his role as lead guitarist in the influential band known as Underoath. Though upon reaching out, we weren’t looking to talk Underoath but rather his side project Carrollhood. The project also features Nate Young of the now broken up Anberlin and Reed Murray of […]

WATCH: Interview W/ Emery

When you think of the ‘screamo’ genre, there are very few bands whose names still carry so much weight. Of those bands, many of them have fallen by the wayside where very few have carried on since their inception. One of those bands is Emery. With all of them in their mid-30s to early 40s, […]


Meet Shamecult; Members Of Outline In Color/Ex Miss Fortune/Ex Conquer Divide

We ran a piece awhile back on how super groups seem to be becoming more and more common as of late. This bring us to a new one featuring members of Outline In Color, ex members of Miss Fortune and Conquer Divide. That band is called Shamecult, who have also come right out of the […]

nothing more

New Interview With Nothing More + Sponsored By In Your Memory

If any band has been getting any respect over the last handful of years it is Nothing More. The unique Active Rock band utilizes so much more than just the typical rock set up. With a rig for their bass guitar called ‘The Bassanator’ and another contraption called ‘The Scorpion’, a device in which frontman […]


NEW INTERVIEW: Fearless Records’ Varials

We got to hit up the hottest new band on the Fearless Records roster recently on their tour with another Fearless Records band Wage War. It was their headliner for their new record ‘Deadweight’ and Varials was on the bill as an opening act. They definitely brought the heat on stage despite it being the […]


WATCH: Interview With Lakeshore

Lakeshore is a newer band that have a few members who aren’t so new. Comprised of a couple ex members of Emmure, the style leans more on the Post-Hardcore side of things. Lakeshore has been promoting singles for most of the year and even ended up on our summer compilation you can get here. However, […]

anti flag

INTERVIEW: Anti Flag Discuss Warped Tour + Donald Trump + Punk Being Offensive

With the political climate ever changing, much can be said about the music climate. Innocent days of just MySpace are done and now artists manage what seems like 1 million social media accounts. While things move along and bands change, some do not. Some stay in with their goal decades later, adapting to the scene […]

the acacia strain

INTERVIEW: The Acacia Strain Talks Gravebloom + Warped Tour

Devin from the deathcore band The Acacia Strain spoke with us recently about what the band has been up to. They recently dropped their new record ‘Gravebloom’ which has had fans raving, which is good considering deathcore is in such a weird spot where every band seems to be getting a bit softer. We discussed […]

silent planet

INTERVIEW: Garrett Russell Of Silent Planet

This is our overall fourth time with Silent Planet interviewing them and seeing them grow as they have since our first time in early 2015 has been insane! 3 videos and 1 podcast later they have become basically a household name in the scene even winning an APMA for best underground band. This interview was […]


EXCLUSIVE LISTEN: Jeff Helberg (Ex Confide) Reveals Supergroup With In Fear & Faith, Oh Sleeper, Attack Attack!, At The Skylines Members

YOU READ THAT RIGHT! We chatted in an interview with Jeff Helberg who played guitar for the Tragic Hero Records band Confide. The band never got to scene stardom, but they have a massive cult following that remains dedicated to this day. Listen below about the new band along with a very thorough talk of […]

Hundred Suns

LISTEN: SOTP #57: Cory Brandan (Norma Jean/Hundred Suns)

What a great episode this week. While I am used to interacting and talking to bands of all sizes, certain ones still get me hyped up and nervous in the best way. We got to have a very awesome conversation with Cory Brandan of Norma Jean, which is a very influential band in the scene, […]

Janelle Dunnaway

Interview With Janelle Dunnaway, Injured Girl From Spite Show

*Before we go into this, Janelle Dunnaway wanted us to let everyone to know to NOT be bullying or harassing the male who hit her. Neither of them asked for this and bullying someone and sending hateful things are not ok. * Heavy shows have been known to cause drama and cause discussions about moshing […]

Johnny Crowder

Straight Out The Pit #56: Johnny Crowder (Dark Sermon/Prison)

We get a ton of interesting people on our show as well as in our video interviews. Johnny Crowder is no exception due to his outlook on the music industry and life. Johnny is best known for his time fronting the band Dark Sermon, who have since broken up and has now formed a band […]

Kevin Lyman

WATCH: Interview With Warped Tour Founder, Kevin Lyman

Wow, where to begin?! The man that puts on the biggest event of the year for our scene agreed to chat with us at Warped Tour. That man is Kevin Lyman. Through the interview you can see how his mind is constantly going to the next thing which we talked about him being a busy […]

Breakdown Of Sanity

A First And Last: An Interview With Breakdown Of Sanity In NYC

Photo: Reporter, Charley and Chris/Oliver of Breakdown Of Sanity We made the trek to NYC to witness the first and last time Breakdown Of Sanity would be in the USA. We had the incredible opportunity to speak with Chris and Oliver of Breakdown of Sanity. These guys have incredibly huge personalities and were amazing to […]


WATCH: Counterparts Talks About Funny Tour Moments/New Album/Not Being A ‘Warped Band’

Hopefully the band called Counterparts will lift some spirits as they always seem to do with their fans. This interview comes from Charlotte, NC’s Warped Tour stop in which the band talks about some funny stuff involving a member, fork lift drive, and port a potty’s. They also get into their new record and how […]


WATCH: Silverstein Talks Warped Tour/New Album In New Interview

We got to chat it up with the classic emo/post hardcore band Silverstein at the Vans Warped Tour. They discussed their new record, ‘Dead Reflection’, as well as being on the tour for the 7th time! Check it out below along with info for our sponsor band Call Me King: Sponsored Band: Call Me King […]

To Speak Of Wolves interview

INTERVIEW/ALBUM REVIEW: To Speak Of Wolves- ‘Dead In The Shadow’

Ever since To Speak Of Wolves made their return announcement last year we have been super hype on this band again. It has been about 5 years since a full length has been released by the band and we got a teaser last year with an EP called ‘New Bones‘. However, this new record is […]


INTERVIEW: Islander No Longer On Victory Records;Begin Tour With New Lineup

We got to chat with our old friend, Mikey Carvajal, frontman for Islander at a recent show in Greenville, SC. Greenville is Mikey and new drummer Andrew Felming’s hometown, it’s where the band began and before their current tour with He Is Legend, To Speak Of Wolves, and Bad Seed Rising, they kicked off a […]

Misery Signals

Podcast Episode #54: Ryan Morgan Of Misery Signals

Trenton got to chat with Ryan Morgan of Misery Signals about tons of stuff. The band released a documentary on June 30 titled ‘Yesterday Was Everything’ about the band’s history, current state, and possible future. The documentary followed Misery Signals on their ten year tour with original frontman Jesse Zarasta to perform on the tour. […]

Miss May I

Straight Out The Pit #54: Miss May I

Levi Benton, Frontman For Miss May I This episode of Straight Out The Pit we had the powerful frontman Levi Benton of Sharptone Records band Miss May I on. We discussed their brand new record ‘Shadows Inside’ which dropped earlier this month. One of the unique topics we don’t get into a ton is playing […]

Fire From The Gods

INTERVIEW: Fire From The Gods

Many know the story of the fallout between Backwordz frontman Eric July splitting from Fire From The Gods awhile ago. While July’s new band has thrived, all eyes have been on Fire From The Gods on if they can deliver with a new face. The answer was yes. In this new interview we spoke with […]