SLMAG Interview: Danny Worsnop (Asking Alexandria)

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We caught up with Asking Alexandria frontman Danny Worsnop during our time at Carolina Rebellion. Due to not showing up, we were the ONLY outlet that weekend to chat with Danny so it turned into a treat to have some content no one else was able to get. With such a limited time to chat, we packed in tons of stuff we just needed to talk about!


Asking Alexandria are in the middle of their tour with Black Veil Brides and Crown The Empire in which landed them at the festival. We catch up to a jolly yet tired Danny Worsnop in which we quickly realize this guy has been doing some hard work. His intro to our interview is very accurate, this is only ONE thing he does among other things…

Asking Alexandria’s NEW Record/Danny’s Return

2017 saw Asking Alexandria release a new record which was self-titled late last year. While this record is a new album with the band’s name on it, Danny here seems to imply that they have figuratively erased everything else previous and are starting fresh. You have to watch to hear his take on that particular notion of this is their ‘first record’.

You should be terrified with what you’re writing. It should be uncomfortable, it should be scary, it should be open heart surgery- Danny Worsnop

While being away he talks about how he learned to be a good storyteller and to craft songs better. For those who forgot, he did have a new southern rock band at one point and put out a rather impressive outlaw country record last year. All of the things he learned in those worlds came to help construct the new record.

On top of that, we get into some of the nuances of this release such as their song Empire which features rapper Bingx. Danny mentions that they wanted to showcase a new upcoming artist to the music world rather than going with their original ideas of MGK or Yelawolf, all who have ties to this scene.

Support For The U.S. Military

Something that peaked my interest in this discussion was Danny touching on how they have huge support from the American military and how they do things for veterans. This struck me in shock as Asking Alexandria are not Americans, yet the support they show to the troops and the support back is quite the odd thing to see, especially today. When bringing this up we were reminded that the band DID move to America to start and they have basically been here ever since.


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