INTRODUCING: Shields + Of Virtue + Dream State

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There are always new amazing bands coming up and part of what we do is to showcase them and hopefully break them to the readers. There have been a few good ones in our rotation lately and it’s time to share them with the world if you didn’t know them already. Hopefully, one of these clicks and you’ll find your next favorite band.


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This U.K. metalcore act is redefining the genre and they have been paving a way for themselves not only in the UK but here in the states as well. Bolstering a ferocious sound, it is also riddled with melody and ambiance. Earlier this year, Shields released their new record Life In Exile and it is something you do not want to pass on listening to.

Of Virtue

Another firery act in to share with yall in Of Virtue. The band has been building its name since 2009 in Michigan unrelenting until the world knows their name. They are on track to make it known too as Of Virtue have been across the ocean in Europe selling merch in many different countries as well. They do have a record slated for release later this year so be sure to pick that up once officially announced! The lesson we can take is never to give up.

Dream State

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Where to begin? Dream State just released their new EP and it is definitely one of the best this year. It seems like every new female-fronted post-hardcore act coming out right now is just on fire and insanely good. Did not expect to be this impressed with their new release Recovery. The vocals are intense and sung with such strength and power while in most bands a male does the screaming, this is not the case here. It seems like not only is metalcore being showcased well in the UK (Shields) but post-hardcore is having its time too.


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