REVIEW: Loyals’ Debut Record

For record label Tooth & Nail Records, they have built their name around the rock and alternative scenes with bands such as Anberlin, Emery, Further Seems Forever, and Sent By Ravens becoming favorites to name a few. However, when something special comes along you don’t pass up the chance to have a special artist or […]

Chasing Victory

Chasing Victory To Drop New EP

If there is one band who had so much talent we saw fade away, it was Chasing Victory. The band had the skills, the sound, and the vibe to become one of the top tier influences in post-hardcore along with such bands like Norma Jean, Underoath, Oh Sleeper, etc. Chasing Victory was formed in 2001 and […]

Revival Recordings

5 Years Of Revival Recordings W/ Shawn Milke (Alesana)

We have been in a close relationship with Revival Recordings ever since their first label tour in 2014. That was also when the label was still getting going in which founder and Alesana guitarist/singer Shawn Milke started a label on the basis of ‘good music by good people’. That mantra has stuck over the first 5 […]

Tim Mctague

INTERVIEW: Tim Mctague (Carrollhood/Underoath)

We got to chat this week with Tim Mctague best known for his role as lead guitarist in the influential band known as Underoath. Though upon reaching out, we weren’t looking to talk Underoath but rather his side project Carrollhood. The project also features Nate Young of the now broken up Anberlin and Reed Murray of […]

Tomorrow's Headliners

Part 2: Tomorrow’s Headliners Spotlight

When we initially began this series we were going to do 10 bands a time on our playlist called Tomorrow’s Headliners which we have on Spotify. That was when we had 70 songs but now with 90, this won’t be a 7 part series. So let’s get into the next batch of 10 bands we […]

Michael Davenport, ex The Ataris, Gets Indicted *UPDATED*

Since the original reporting of these events Kris Roe lead singer/guitarist for The Ataris has released the following statement, via the band’s official Facebook. I’ve seen the news about our former bass player Mike Davenport and I want to make the following statement in order to set the record straight. Mike Davenport has not been […]


Carrollhood (Underoath’s Tim McTague) New Album

While we are all anticipating a new Underoath album this year, we can celebrate the small victories. Underoath guitarist Tim McTague is also in another band called Carrollhood who have announced a show in Tampa, FL this Friday as well as a new record! Not going to lie, getting notified the band tweeted an announcement […]

Tomorrow's Headliners

Tomorrow’s Headliners Spotlight: Part 1 of 7

As some of you know, or some may not, but we have a flagship playlist on Spotify we created called ‘Tomorrow’s Headliners’. This playlist features bands who are unsigned or signed making names for themselves in their local scenes, small tours or doing supporting tours for bigger bands. This feature with highlight 10 per feature […]

social media

Social Media Round Up W/ Palaye Royale, Chris Brown, + More

Today we will go through and round up the news we saw all over social media from across different genres of music. In some areas where it’s gray and cold outside, the internet seemed lively and active. Thanks to our new ‘throw away’ twitter account, @SLMAGfollowsyou, we saw so much happen today! Let’s get into […]


Albums To Look For In 2018…So Far

With the end of the year wrapping up, we all have revisited our top releases of the year and compiled them into lists. This is usually a trend with music lovers and the only thing better than recapping and reflecting is anticipating what amazing new tunes will grace our ears next. 2018 is already stacked […]


Staff Picks Part 3: Albums Of The Year (Big Bands)

We have finally come to the final part of the top albums of the year. This list contains 13 records by better-known bands who have been doing this awhile and have a decent following. We hope you have enjoyed this series and feel free to tell us who your top picks were. You can find […]

Thousand Below

Staff Picks Part 2: Top Album Releases Of 2017 (Smaller Bands)

This is part 2 of our staff picks regarding the top releases of 2017, which we cannot believe is over. Part 1 we listed our top EP picks of the year, so click HERE if you missed that. This list consists of our top album picks from bands who are newly signed bands releasing their […]

Staff Picks: Top Releases Of 2017 PART 1 ( Top EP Releases)

With every year ending comes the reflection of the music released and how it has impacted us. This year is no different as we bring you some staff picks of the top EP releases, fresh face albums, and the big name albums. Each list contains 13 releases so in the words of Samuel L. Jackson […]


WATCH: Vanna Just Played With Original Members

After announcing their breakup this year, Vanna trekked on a farewell tour that paused, then the final show put it to an end tonight. Eighteen Visions and Knocked Loose were among the bands on the bill. The show put a punctuation on a career that has influenced many kids around the world with their brand […]

WATCH: Interview W/ Emery

When you think of the ‘screamo’ genre, there are very few bands whose names still carry so much weight. Of those bands, many of them have fallen by the wayside where very few have carried on since their inception. One of those bands is Emery. With all of them in their mid-30s to early 40s, […]

This Runs Through

Meet The Ex Bands Of Current Bands

If you think that some of your favorite bands have always been buddies and formed in their city and now are big was how it went down you are gravely mistaken. It’s quite known that many big names such as Sleeping With Sirens do not have members who were there from when they got signed. This […]

Top Christmas Songs By Some Of Your Favorite Bands

The holidays are here and some have been playing Christmas songs since…the day after Halloween. Like what are you doing?! Anyway, there is a way to get into the festive spirit without having to burn your eardrums of the same boring holiday tunes that have been burned into our mind. When done right, bands that […]

jesse lacey

Breaking: Jesse Lacey Releases Statement

Brand New’s Jesse Lacey just addressed the rumors of his sexual assault allegations: In an effort to address recent events and the public conversation currently happening, I feel it is important to make a clear and personal statement. The actions of my past have caused pain and harm to a number of people, and I […]


The Burden + Stasis Are Two Canadian Bands You Need To Know RIGHT NOW!

One of the coolest things about music is that it is universal. It transcends language, religion, race, and borders. Finding a band outside of our home country of the USA that is even under the radar of it’s native land is also a treat and special moment and that happened this week. While going through […]


EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: Softspoken ‘Begin Again’

Lexington, KY must have something in the water. It seems that bands such as Emarosa, Picturesue, and Too Close To Touch are drinking whatever is in that water and today we bring you another. Softspoken have allowed us to premiere the video for their brand new single ‘Begin Again’. The post hardcore band releases it’s […]

what we do in secret

What We Do In Secret Release Emotional Song ‘Blackout’

Memphis, TN outfit What We Do In Secret, they definitely take longest band name in awhile, have released a very emotional song called ‘Blackout’. Addiction has become a forefront recently with many people sharing stories of struggles with family or even themselves online. Support groups and friends across social media platforms offer help and encouragement […]

Within Reach

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Within Reach’s ‘Beetlejuice’

The California band Within Reach are premiering their brand new video for their song, ‘Beetlejuice’, right here today just in time for Halloween! This song is heavy, the breakdowns just knock you off your feet. It’s okay though, no Life Alert needed. Within Reach also incorporates some melodic singing and catchy hooks to pick you […]

Linkin Park

Fans Ask What Happened With Oli Sykes’ And Linkin Park’s Performance

UPDATED: Oli takes to twitter, to talk about the audio issues.     Last night was the night of remembrance we have been looking to after Chester Bennington’s tragic passing. Linkin Park organized a sold out show in his memory at the Hollywood Bowl in California which featured a plethora of guests singing Bennington’s parts. […]