The Callous Daoboys Are Exactly What You Need In Your Life

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Ever want to go full on white boy and throw yourself into a dry wall to panic chords and a violin? Well if so, The Callous Daoboys are for you. Hailing from Atlanta, GA, the band brings a new twist on the chaotic metalcore genre that defined bands such as The Chariot, Every Time I Die, Converge, etc.

#TwentyNineScene Is In Full Force

This year, more than ever, it appears that certain genres are making their way back into the forefront. Bands such as SeeYouSpaceCowboy and WristMeetRazor have been making a name for themselves real fast with these styles along with the hashtag #TwentyNineScene.

While these bands and hashtag don’t appear to be related, it is something the internet has embraced making bands such as The Callous Daoboys get known at a quicker rate. So much so it this band has been everywhere on our local feeds for the last week and a half, and as a lover of this style, we couldn’t ignore them.

Fake Dinosaur Bones

Right now, The Callous Daoboys have their new single ‘Fake Dinosaur Bones’ out along with a music video you can see below. The song is a blistering 2 and a half minute mess of chaos and pure stage dive inducing panic chords. The itself is quite hilarious as the frontman is gradually getting more and more hurt by the band’s gear throughout the video.

The song is part of their LP coming on 6.21 called “Die On Mars”. Vinyl/CD/Cassettes can be purchased HERE.
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