Brother duo Cardiac Half music video for new pop single “Medicine”

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Two broken halves make more than a whole in Atlanta’s brother duo, Cardiac Half, who are bringing a vivid video for new pop single “Medicine” on Friday the 24th. The name Cardiac Half holds significant meaning as Dylan lives with a heart condition, and Drew is deaf in his left ear, drawing from deep inspirations.

You can watch the new music video exclusively on Soundlink Magazine below.

Cardiac Half’s new single, “Medicine”

What Cardiac Half has to say:

“I wanted the song to be open to interpretation for the listener. Perhaps it could be a song about the risk of romance and letting someone get close, maybe not trusting people. For me personally, “Medicine” represents critical choices that we’ll be faced with throughout our lives and the repercussions of those choices. Every action has a consequence, positive or negative. There’s an internal struggle between good and evil, and speaking from experience, I often don’t make the best decisions as is represented by the apocalyptic nature of the song.”

Drew Miller

We wanted “Medicine” to be the darkest and most haunting installment of the alt-pop sound we’ve been developing this past year. It has elements of “Secret Letters” and “City Lights” and certainly fits well with those songs. But to be sure, it is the most unique song we have in our arsenal, and yet it feels so comfortable and true to ourselves.

Dylan Miller

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