DWP Moves Epicenter + Rockville And It Was For The Best

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It’s no secret DWP made some changes to this year’s festival season. The most significant was the location changes of both Epicenter and Welcome To Rockville. For concertgoers who went to Epicenter last year, this was a HUGE upgrade. DWP brought Epicenter back to the previous Carolina Rebellion location of Rockcity Campground in Concord North Carolina at Charlotte Motor Speedway. However, for Rockville Veterans, the announcement of moving the festival further down I95 to Daytona disappointed many. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I’m here to tell this change is PERFECT for both festivals and here’s why.

Location: Location is KEY for anything, whether it’s a music festival, a business, or whatever. If your location sucks, then it doesn’t matter what your product is, it will suffer. 2019 marked the first for the new festival Epicenter, which also brought a new location in Rockingham NC. However, that location brought many struggles for concertgoers from traffic, to not enough hotels in the area, forcing them to purchase camping packages. Given just the traffic issue alone that plagued last year’s Epicenter, if DWP had left the festival in Rockingham NC, I strongly feel the festival would have seen a dramatic drop in attendance. As for Rockville, moving the location from the waterfront in Jacksonville to the Daytona Motorspeedway, they were able to offer a dynamic to the festival that they had never had before and that was the ability for festival-goers to camp. For the first time Welcome To Rockville will have both RV and Tent/Car Camping. This will add a new feel to the festival that’s never been there before. What do I mean by that? Anyone who’s camped before at Epicenter, Carolina Rebellion or any other festival know the sense of “Family” you have in the campground. Secondly, Daytona is a more centralized location for Florida residents. Some may remember former DWP Festival Fort Rock, moving Rockville to Daytona gives people who might not drive to Jacksonville for Fort Myer a chance to make it to Daytona.


More Options For Food & Stay: Moving the festivals gave concert-goers more options for both food and stay. Both Charlotte and Daytona have more hotels around the festival grounds, as well as more outside food options just outside the raceways. Yes, we all know we all need to eating Island Noodles for the weekend, but for the person that is trying their hardest to save money during the weekend, there are plenty of fast food options near the festival grounds. So moving the festival gave more options for you in both Hotels, Outside the festival food and gives you the option to camp at Rockville.

More Things To Do: I’ve seen a lot of people post online that this is their Vacation for the year to go to one of these festivals, well moving the festivals to Charlotte and Daytona gives you a chance to turn your festival experience into just that. Daytona Speedway is just a short drive to famous Daytona Beaches and about an hour from Orlando. Charlotte offers Carowinds Assument Park, National White Water Center and the Nascar Hall of Fame. So plan a few extra days and relax at one of the area’s attractions.

Welcome To Rockville 2019 Interviews

Better Infrastructure: In my opinion, the infrastructure at the new locations are better. The new locations allow for better traffic patterns coming in and out of the festival and camping grounds. They both are close to both the interstate and airport, allowing people to drive in easier for people who live close enough to not stay onsite or in a hotel. And for people who flew in from out of state, being close to the airport allows for easier travel.

So there you have it, folks. I know change is hard and we as people like to stick to what we’re used to, but I cam honestly say the changes DWP made for both Epicenter and Welcome To Rockville for 2020 are for the best. Tickets, Camping Packages, and VIP Packages are currently available at the links below. Get your tickets today and we’ll see you this Spring.
Get your Tickets For EPICENTER HERE
Get your Tickets For ROCKVILLE HERE

Epicenter Festival Map
Welcome To Rockville Festival Map
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