Story of the Year Celebrate 20yrs of Page Avenue in Charlotte NC

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As a journalist, anniversary shows are one of my favorite things to cover. For me, it’s the nostalgia of the show. For example, when I think of Page Avenue it takes me back to 03/04 and being an edgy youth group kid into heavier music like Norma Jean, The Chariot, and Underoath. I remember riding around with my friends blasting “Until The Day I Die” trying to scream like Dan. So to be able to take this trip back 20 years was a wonderful trip down memory lane.

Kicking off the night was the Vancouver Emo outfit Yourh Fountain. These guys gave a very impressive, high-energy set of 8 songs. Being an opening band for any tour can be hard enough, but having the opening spot of a sold-out, anniversary tour can be even harder. However, Youth Fountain did their job and set the energy bar HIGH! Giving concert-goers the kick they deserved.

Youth Fountain Photo Gallery

Following Youth Fountain was the Florida native rock band We The Kings. These guys took the energy level set by Youth Fountain and kicked it through the roof! We the Kings kicked off their set with fan favorite Skyway Avenue off their 2007 Self Titled release. It didn’t take long for everyone in The Underground to be singing along with the Emo Anthem. We the Kings played an 8 song set of fan favorites spanning their entire catalog and even gave fans a treat and filmed live footage for an upcoming music video!

We The Kings Photo Gallery

Finally, the moment came! The lights go down and the sound of that all to familiar intro filled The Underground! The Guitars! The Drums! Stage strobes flashing! The crowd goes nuts and Vocalist Dan Marsala runs out front and center belting “The night will come And rip away! Story of the Year kicked things off with “And the Hero Will Drown” and kept the energy high with Dive Right In and Divide and Conquer. After this, things got really special at The Underground. I’m pretty sure this was the moment every Elder Emo in the building was waiting for! That was for those familiar guitar riffs to ring through the PA, and our emo anthem from yesteryear to be sung loud without a care in the world! There’s something incredible about sitting back and watching a room full of people sing their hearts out. Makes me think back to being a young 17-year-old, hearing it for the first time, then thinking about all the other memories that go along with that song. As a journalist, I sat back thinking about the room full of stories this song has. From Love to heartbreak, and everything in between, I’m sure there are millions of stories about what this song has meant to people. Story of the Year went on to play a total of 17 songs including all 12 from Page Avenue, 3 from Tear Me To Pieces, 1 from In The Wake of Determination, and a medley of “Ocean Avenue/Cute Without The E (cute from the team)/I’m Not Okay (I Promise)/ The Taste of Ink. I rank the Page Avenue 20yr tour easily in my top 10 shows I’ve ever covered as a journalist.

Story Of The Year Photo Gallery

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