Fatalism North American Tour Hits Orlando FL

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On October 28th, heavy metal music fans flocked to the House of Blues in Orlando, Florida, eagerly anticipating the Fatalism North American Tour.  With the promise of an unforgettable night of music and camaraderie, the atmosphere was electric from the moment the doors opened at 6 p.m., as fans stood in a long line that wrapped around the building, filled with anticipation. The tour, featuring a diverse lineup of bands, promised to deliver an evening of heavy music and incredible performances. From the exhilarating sounds of Paledusk to the emotionally charged set by Polaris, this concert had something for every metalcore enthusiast in the room.

Kicking off the night was Paledusk, a band hailing from Japan, embarking on their first US tour. The crowd was immediately captivated as they launched into their set, and the fans on the floor started moving. The most unique thing about their music was the multiple and chaotic tempo changes in each song. Right when you find the groove and start bobbing your head to the beat, it would switch to an entirely different one. After teasing the crowd, Paledusk played their new song, “Rumble,” and the audience was instantly captivated. What set Paledusk apart was their level of interaction with the crowd. Vocalist Kaito engaged with fans throughout the performance, bridging the gap between the stage and the audience. The result was an electric atmosphere where it felt like everyone in the room was part of the show. Paledusk’s performance was a perfect start to a night that promised to be incredible.

Varials, from Philadelphia Pennsylvania, took the stage after a bit of technical frustration getting set up, causing a brief delay.  Once it all got sorted, they burst onto the stage leaving no time to prepare themselves for what was about to come. The mosh pits opened up, and crowd surfers began riding the waves of hands over the barricade into the waiting arms of security guards. Two-stepping and hardcore dancing took over the entirety of the floor. Varials delivered exactly what the crowd was looking for — an intense and chaotic performance that left everyone speechless.

With a newer album release titled, “The Death We Seek” and a headlining tour earlier this year, Currents brought their signature style of technical metal to the stage. Their set was a showcase of their musical growth and maturity, showcasing a blend of old favorites and new hits. The band’s ability to win an audience with their emotionally charged sound is unparalleled.  Even without saying much in between songs, Currents kept the crowd engaged during their entire set and left each person in the room wishing they had at least a few more songs left to play.

The Australian headliners, Polaris, made the long journey halfway across the world to be in Orlando. The band recently released a new album, “Fatalism” and they took the opportunity to share a handful of those new songs with US-based fans. Before playing the song, “Martyr (Waves)”, vocalist Jamie Hails spoke about the loss of a recent band member, guitarist Ryan Siew.  Jamie encouraged the audience not to give up when life gets tough, and to keep pushing forward in the face of adversity. He spoke about how the entire room was filled with all sorts of different people who were brought together because of this music. This emotional connection between the band and the audience made the evening even more meaningful. Ending the night with the biggest hit, The Remedy, truly showed how loud Orlando’s crowd could be during the sing-along parts.

The Fatalism Tour” at the House of Blues in Orlando was a night of wild musical performances, from the energetic start with Paledusk to the two stepping set off by Varials, to the instrumental wizardry of Currents,  and the emotional show provided by Polaris. Each band has a unique style that they brought which created a memorable night for each fan who was in the room.. The power that music has to evoke emotions, inspire perseverance, and connect people always blows me away. It was on full display this evening, making this concert a true success and a testament to the power of heavy music in a live setting.

There are still a few shows left on this US run! Don’t miss out on this epic lineup or any chance to see Polaris when they come to the states! Tickets here: https://www.polarisaus.com/

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