Metalcore Dropouts Tour The Ritz Tampa FL

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The Metalcore Dropouts Tour at The Ritz in Tampa, Florida, on October 11th was a sold-out night full of heavy metal and headbanging.  Well before the doors opened, people were waiting in line down the block and eager to get the show started. The venue was packed with enthusiastic fans and the lineup of bands fed off that energy throughout the evening.

The evening began with the French metalcore band LANDMVRKS, whose lead vocalist, Florent Salfati, impressed the audience with his commanding wide range of vocals. Their high energy and enthusiasm set the stage for a fantastic night of music to come.

LANDMVRKS Photo Gallery

Counterparts, from Canada, brought a darker vibe to the show.  Lead vocalist Brendan Murphy’s emotional performance resonated with the crowd in a way that felt cathartic for most. There was tons of crowd participation during the sing-along parts of their set. Bodies piled up on top of each other to get closer to the outstretched microphone and have their voices heard.

Counterparts Photo Gallery

The first of the co-headliners, The Devil Wears Prada, took the stage with contagious energy, playing a mix of new and classic songs from their older discography. If you have ever seen them in a live setting, you know how chaotic the stage can be. Every single member was going crazy in their own way, making it hard to know which direction to look. Their captivating performance had the audience headbanging and singing along, and moshing throughout the set, making them a highlight of the night.

The Devil Wears Prada Photo Gallery

Finally, Fit for a King closed the night with a powerful set, engaging the crowd and creating chaos with crowd surfers and mosh pits. Their setlist included songs from their latest album and older hits, and they left the audience in awe with their intense energy. To end the set, guitarist Daniel went out into the crowd and stood on a few fans’ shoulders to elevate himself above everyone else while he played “God of Fire”. Meanwhile, bassist Ryan O’Leary decided to jump into the waiting arms of the fans and crowd surfed around the room a bit before returning to the stage. 

Fit For A King Photo Gallery

Overall, the Metalcore Dropouts Tour at The Ritz was an exceptional night with each band delivering a unique style and all connecting with the audience. This tour stop was a standout in the world of metalcore, and it’s a must-see for fans. Secure your tickets before they sell out.

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