Avenged Sevenfold Returns to Charlotte NC

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Ronnie! Ronnie! Ronnie! The crowd cheers as everyone anticipates the set to come for Falling In Reverse. Luke Holland takes the stage followed by Christian, Max, and Tyler. The crowd goes nuts when Ronnie takes the stage and opens with Zombified. Ronnie, as the character he is, made sure to act out the track by running frantically across the platform as if he were a zombie.  Falling In Reverse definitely played a bunch of fan favorites spanning across their discography such as “I’m Not A Vampire”, “The Drug In Me Is You”, and “Just Like You”. The band even paid homage to the late frontman of Smash Mouth by performing “All-Star”. Overall, the band doesn’t disappoint and shows no sign of aging. Hopefully, with all the new singles out, we may see an album sooner than later.

Falling in Reverse Photo Gallery

I am unsure where to start with A7X. My first introduction to the band was on Guitar Hero 2 as a young teenager. Not that I didn’t like what I heard, but I just never pursued the band’s work as a whole for some reason. For this tour, A7X had an insane LED wall that was nothing short of impressive and mesmerizing. They opened the show with “Game Over” from their latest album “Life Is But A Dream “ and played the next few songs to follow on that same album. The visualizer on the huge LED wall was the real showstopper for me. It really did leave me in awe from the attention to detail it brought. A7X seemed to please the whole fanbase by playing some of their early 2000s classics and ended with their last 3 tracks off the new album. This was my first time seeing the band and probably won’t be the last! 

Avenged Sevenfold Photo Gallery

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