Wage War & Nothing More Kick off tour in Charlotte NC

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Night 1 of the Wage War/Nothing More headliner kicked off in Charlotte, NC on a warm Tuesday night with Sleep Theory opening the show. What a strong opener and a breath of fresh air for me. This was my first time ever hearing of the band and admittedly, I am bad about keeping up with the radio and furthermore, Sirius XM radio which I am told that the band has been featured on. I was very delighted to hear frontman Cullen Moore’s soulful vocals as they opened with their hit from their debut EP titled “Paper Hearts” .  The band nearly played the entire EP and got a bunch of energy from the crowd as I dodged the many crowd surfers. Highly recommend checking out the band and can’t wait to see what they have in store for future releases.

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Next up was Veil Of Maya. This was a treat for me as I have been following this band since High School and have only seen them live once back in 2011. Their show has definitely evolved since then, welcoming the clean vocals of frontman Lukas Magyar. Lukas is such a great addition to the band with his smooth cleans and very strong screams. Another major highlight of their set was the very talented Marc Okubo on lead guitar (This guy shreds ! ) . Thankfully, they closed with my favorite track from their 2015 album titled “Mikasa”. Would definitely recommend checking this band out live if you haven’t already. They definitely seemed like the outcasts of the tour due to their heaviness.

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Coheadling the first date of the tour was Nothing More from San Antonio. This was my second time seeing the band. I saw them live once at the large rock festival that is no longer (Carolina Rebellion). The impressive stage layout got me excited. Huge drum kit, smoke tubes, and percussion at the front of the stage lets you know you are in for a treat! It’s been a while since I have heard the band, but I did recognize a few tracks throughout their set. The energy that Jonny exerts is very impressive. Definitely check out their live performance if you get a chance!

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The moment that most waited for this Sold Out show came with a big opener of Stitch from Florida’s very own Wage War. This is my 3rd time seeing the group and they seem to be getting better every time. The band is on the verge of releasing their fifth studio album which is impressive to have 5 albums in less than 10 years as a band. They did play the 2 singles from the new album which was exciting to see for the first time live. The most notable performance of the night from them was Circle The Drain which led into the encore of MANIC which is a huge crowd favorite. Check out their new album coming out June 21st!

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