Woe Is Me Post Twitter Teaser; Possible Reunion?

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Nothing like relaxing on a Monday night and then seeing something you didn’t think you ever would. Former frontman for Woe Is Me Hance Alligood posted a short clip on his Twitter page teasing some reunion and tagging other former members.

The members tagged seem to be from their second album entitled Genesi[s] when Hance Alligood, who joined after original co-frontman Tyler Carter stepped down, are Michael Bohen, Cory Ferris, Ben Ferris, Andrew Paiano, Kevin Hansen, and Austin Thornton.

Check the clip out below to see for yourselves!

After several member changes within just two albums and one final EP, Woe Is Me originally called it quits in 2013 after Alligood stepped down after not feeling passionate for the band anymore. This led the rest of the members to end the band after not wanting to find yet another frontman and having 0 original members at this time.

The band released their debut album called Number[s] in 2010 via Velocity Records [Rise Records imprint] having never played a show together but most members had show experience in their former bands in the Atlanta area. Carter step down a year after the release and Alligood took over the singing duties. Years to follow saw other members step down from the band citing issues with one member and leading to the forming of Issues. Time heals all wounds and we are happy everything seems to be good with them all once again.

Bohen’s new band, The Villa, also released their debut EP this past Friday and can be heard HERE.

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