We Came As Romans vs Attila! [lol jk unless?]

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Arby’s isn’t the only place to have the meats because we got some BEEF! Okay maybe not.

While there is absolutely nothing going on, for now, between these bands. We Came As Romans posted a funny video to social media showcasing a potential new Attila song and compared it to one of theirs on their upcoming album.

Over the last week, Attila frontman Chris Fronzak aka Fronz started posting teasers for new songs the band has been working on. They feel like a major departure from what fans are used to hearing going more of an active rock direction, at least in this one clip. We Came As Romans had some fun with it as there are some minor similarities between the clip and their single Black Hole, off of Darkbloom due out October 14th.

Listen to the two below in the video and Fronz replied to it which can be read below as well.

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