Artist Spotlight & Single Premiere- Regence: Medicine

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Regence: Medicine

Band Name: Regence

Who Is Regence:
Trey Spears- Vocals/Guitar
Eli Helms- Bass
D.J. Buchanan- Drums
Colin Moser- Guitar
All the band members grew up in the same music scene around Charlotte, NC, and we’ve known each other since high school. Regence is still based out of Charlotte, where we record, practice, and write new music. 

Band Name Meaning: The name Regence is inspired by the word regency, and represents rebellion or opposition of power. These are pretty regular themes in our song writing, and I feel the name encompasses our own unique sound. 

Biggest Influences: As a band, some of our main influences come from alt and hard rock groups like Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, Royal Blood, and Highly Suspect. However, we all have our own very different tastes in music, which I think brings depth and variation to our sound.

What’s The Story Behind Medicine: We wrote our new song Medicine as a commentary on mental health and the dichotomy between western healthcare and the war on drugs. The lyrics are inspired by some of my own experiences with mental health issues, specifically how difficult it was to find good treatment. Our healthcare system seems content to prescribe strong substances that sometimes cause more harm than good, often choosing to treat the symptoms rather than the cause. I spent a long time taking happy pills that didn’t work, prescribed by doctors who didn’t care, and I feel like a lot of people out there have had very similar experiences with western medicine. At the same time, a lot of alternative medicine has been written off as dangerous and illegal throughout the war on drugs, a fight that seems hypocritical given our country’s rigid and predatory healthcare system. This song is about the thin line between medicine and vices, and the hypocrisies that lie in between. 

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One Thing About The Band You Want Our Readers To Know: Our band is comprised of four music nerds raised on rock n’ roll, and it’s that love of music that brought us all together over the years. We became best friends listening to grunge, alternative and hard rock in high school, and were all inspired to bring some of that energy into the world with our own music. 

Where Our Readers Find Out More About Regence:
You can find us on social media, and wherever you stream music. Stay tuned for more songs coming soon, this is just the beginning!

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