Interview With Hard Rock Band Fear Until Fury

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  1. How would you describe yourselves as a band to any potential new fans? We’re a high energy hard rock band with elements drawn from a wide range of musical influences. We strive to be honest and inspirational with our content. Everyone struggles with fear based emotions and we want to help people remember they aren’t alone and hopefully help them find their own fury to overcome whatever obstacles they’re facing. 
  2. What song do you feel best represents your current sound? Like a lot of bands, our sound is a constantly evolving thing and the most accurate answer would probably be our next one. As far as what’s available for everyone to hear currently it would have to be our most recent single Rize that’s available online on all the usual outlets. 
  3. Has your musical style evolved as a band since you started? And do you think it will in the future? It definitely has. Every aspect of the creative process to the recording has evolved over the years, and we think it will continue to grow and change over time. The music comes from our experiences and the world around us and those are two things that will never be static. Creating music based on what we feel will always drive us in new and hopefully interesting directions. 
  4. What’s next for Fear Until Fury? We have done a lot of framing out new material and now we plan on putting in the work to produce a lot of new songs and videos and other content that will be rolling out over the coming months. We’re very excited to share what we’ve been working on with the world! 


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