Settle The Sky + If I Die First Bring Scene Music Back

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Ever since us former scene kids started aging into and past our mid 20s, we have forever held a special place in our hearts of that time. Some bands we loved from that era are still making amazing music today such as Silverstein, Underoath, Emery, The Devil Wears Prada, A Day To Remember, and of course, Bring Me The Horizon. However, we also love when a new band emerges creating that style or better yet, their last bit of work was in that time and they come back with it in the RAWRing 20s. That is what Settle The Sky and If I Die First have done.

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Now That We’re Waiting…

Exactly. 2020 has been a crazy year for everything and it seems like we are looking to fill the voids of not having live music and that includes bands. This title was used for Settle The Sky’s 2008 EP. It featured the popular underground song Cheyenne which was epitome 2008 metalcore. Did we mention they even had the Christian band label? The whole package! It was released on Standby Records and though the band never got super big, they did find a cult following which remains to this day.

This has led to a reformation of the band and teases about new music and today we got that! The band released the aptly titled Year Of Ruin single which definitely picks up where they left off. For bands who tease returns, very few manage to recreate that sound we have been missing, they did just that.


From Sad In The Trap(t) To Sad In The Pit

While the sales of the band’s name who’s pun this portion is titled after are sad, we aren’t talking about them. We are talking about something better! A supergroup of emo rappers + 1 (one) member of From First To Last making a huge scene eargasm!

News / Hear From First To Last's Travis Richter, Lil Lotus & More ...

We are talking about If I Die First. The members in this band come from different music careers professionally, but all love the era of music they’re creating. Members include Lil Lotus who released his label debut EP All My Little Scars via Epitaph, Travis Ritcher of From First To Last, along with Nedarb, Zubin, and others with previous work with Ghostmane.

The EP My Poison Arms kicks off with the classic scene band intro track and then into the modern scene classic Where Needles And Lovers Collide. We are not exaggerating here, one listen and this would’ve been the hit of Warped Tour in the mid to late 00s. Have a listen:

Fours of the six tracks are melodic, heavy, and emotional. The closer is a simple, stripped-down acoustic song with desperate and uncertain lyrics and mood. The chorus “Maybe I’m just scared that when we die where do we go and can I take you there?” is tattoo worthy and MySpace header ready. The song between two kids who are 17 and in love thinking it will last forever, oh how we miss those days…

Stream the EP below:

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