No Signs Of Tapping Out In New ISSUES Single

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Today Issues released their highly anticipated debut single post former co-frontman Michael Bohn’s release from the band as the screamer. After that, many wondered how heavy or not heavy ISSUES would be and how they would sound live. While we have gotten to answer to their live show, the new music has yet to be answered until now.

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Going Viral

ISSUES enlisted some band friends to promote the new song on their page. Before the release of Tapping Out, videos were uploaded to the band’s social media of various other musicians doing a small bit and sharing a clip. Check some out:

ISSUES then released the song with this post:[0]=68.ARDDRJamOW3bGzgiphEAlDqYMZzkf-eWnwCHH3Se2azvqCZRG2lCZktByyxniXGxWB7lIPY8ksiLuKMwbxzOQ0ZxNtb_Meshx06nDH31gCfuY2dFyP-dpppolSnxPvrH2Be6XUXXVGckmy3cicuDXIyx0I9X-1DgQCfnqkbJQUWzxmdmAPO4D7ZeTdbk5W_y1TqXlhGrlnUQOZZ_jBQGqe_RmnlZl49KZLmBPfrLuJ0gJ1ma3fB3ZQQHeOvftkRNRE7HoPhIDqkuMlPqryXc0P9CfrlATmhg43H5P9l7O4EKwiNXdUPh2_npAhRLf0OFkPCxfkJ_Y-mQxpAfBGYfYoZd3w

Staying True While Moving Forward

On the surface, Tapping Out is what you would expect to hear from the band. It’s got groovy guitars, Tyler Carter’s pop sensibilities, and then some screaming by AJ Rebello. That was what everyone was curious about, who would take on those duties. With all the elements there that we are used to, ISSUES take it up a notch on the single leaving nothing behind and no doubt.

While it is an ISSUES song, the level and tightness the band posses on it shows growth and progression and because of how they ended it with Michael Bohen, it had to be damn near perfect to justify the move on letting him go.

The final take on this song is that it showcases where they can go as this new version of ISSUES. I have a feeling the record will display them how we have yet to see them yet with some Top 40 ready pop songs while also creating some of the heaviest music of their career. One thing is for sure, ISSUES are not tapping out.

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