“Piss Poor”-Feverwar Review/Interview

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By: CalebjustCaleb

Chesapeake, Ohio band Feverwar released their debut album “Piss Poor” earlier today. Following the 2015 release of the “Bible & Sword”  EP, Feverwar comes out swinging with the release of their first full length.  Over the past year, they have released a series of music videos for songs that are included in “Piss Poor.” Music videos for “RHEKTT,” “Detox” &  “Permanent Fix” can be found on their official Youtube channel(W/ links below).

We spoke with Feverwar vocalist Nicholous Thomas briefly regarding some of these releases and their new project. 

Caleb: “Describe the difference in recording process between your 2015 EP and “Piss Poor”

Nicholous: “There were QUITE a few differences between the two recording processes. “Bible & Sword” was midi drums, & amp sims – which overall we felt just WAS NOT us. With “Piss Poor” we had our focus set on exactly what we wanted & we came prepared to create just that. Overall, working with Nick Ingram from Capital House in Columbus, OH was a GREAT experience. He really helped make our vision exactly what we pictured sonically – RAW, in your face, rock n roll.”

Caleb: “Is there any deeper meaning behind the title “Piss Poor?” 

Nicholous: “Piss Poor” isn’t as much referring to the amount of money in your pocket, but more so on “Piss Poor” decisions & how they can really hone in to shape you as a person.

I spent most of 2017/2018 struggling with a lot of personal demons with addiction & mental health, & Piss Poor is the chronological story of just that

Make your mistakes.

Learn from them.

Every failure can be a step closer to being the person you want to be.

Don’t be afraid to fuck up.”

Caleb: “What do you look to accomplish with music in general and what are your goals?”

Nicholous: “We just wanna rock. That’s it.”

Caleb: “Being from Ohio, what would you say to someone who would label your music as southern rock/hardcore sounding? Is that soundscape organic?”

Nicholous: “We all grew up on the border Ohio, West Virginia, & Kentucky. It’s a shitty little tristate but we want to see it blossom. Our riffs deff are influenced by our home, & our roots. So,… yes… it is organic.” 

Caleb: “If you were trapped on a desert island for the rest of your life and could only pick 3 records to take with you to listen to for the rest of your life, what would they be?”

Nicholous: “For me personally –

1. Deftones – White Pony

2. Chase Atlantic – self-titled

3. Left Behind – Seeing Hell (s/o to our 304 scene)

All three of those records have held up for me, so I don’t think they’ll ever get stale.”

In collaboration with MerchNow, Feverwar has also released a merch bundle to accompany the new release, which you can preview below:

Overall Record Review:

While loved by hardcore fans everywhere, this project teeters the line between new age southern Rock & Roll and a harder, grittier soundscape in a very nice way. This is the first released project since signing to Revival Records and you can absolutely tell that in the production quality of the overall record. Encapsulating the sonic byproduct of Memphis May Fire, Led Zeppelin and that one 80’s band that whose name we can’t remember in 2019, but were glam AF. A Lot of these riffs make me feel like i’m about to go fuck up a rodeo, while others give the feel of anthemic party rock. Don’t be confused, its not country, but new age southern rock. Screaming vocals are present throughout the project, but not prominent. These type of screams are not the guttural, “punch your grandmother in the face” type of vocals, but absolutely hard enough to mosh to. The breakdowns are nice but sometimes leave you longing for more in exchange for some of the southern riffs(hardly a complaint). They sometimes transition from raspy yells to vocals reminiscent of  old school Atreyu. As I listen, I close my eyes and imagine moshing in the middle of a bullpen, with unlimited PBR and Polly Darton looking type women staring and cheering on my imminent danger from the stands. The Rob Zombie sounding lyrical/instrumental parts only subliminally strengthens the mental ht now. I’m not sure what the fuck is going on in the state of Ohio right now, but Feverwar is certainly representing hard for their state in the best way with “Piss Poor.”  

“Detox” Music Video – Feverwar
“Permanent Fix” Music Video – Feverwar

Check out Feverwar:

Website //// Facebook //// Instagram //// Apple Music //// Spotify

What do you think of “Piss Poor?” let us know in the comments!


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