WATCH: Skillet Performs New Song Legendary

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If you were one of the few thousand people in Jacksonville Florida today at Welcome To Rockville, then you were one of the lucky ones to hear a new Skillet tune! If not, don’t worry we got you covered! Our very own Trenton Worsham was there and captured the following video of the performance. This is the first time Skillet has performed the new track “Legendary” in the US, and if we were to bet, it’s on the new Skillet album that will be released in the near future. Don’t worry you’ll hear more about that VERY soon in our interview with Skillet frontman John Cooper, that will be released in the coming weeks.


Skillet setlist

  1. Feel Invincible(Ext. Intro; Ext. Outro)
  2. Whispers in the Dark(Ext. Outro)
  3. Sick of It(Ext. Bridge; Ext. Outro)
  4. Awake and Alive(Ext. Intro)
  5. Hero
  6. Rise Up
  7. Legendary
  8. Monster
  9. The Resistance
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