Albums Of The Year: EP Edition

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In our second of three parts of the best releases of 2020, we will be listing out EPs of the year! This was a quality vs quantity type of year for these types of releases. There wasn’t much that caught out ears but the ones that did were amazing! So let’s get right into it

1. Bring Me The Horizon- Post Human…

Bring Me The Horizon constantly keeps pushing forward with everything they release. This is the first of a series of EPs the band plans to release, though many listing this as an album due to its length. They dive more into the industrial and nu-metal genres on this release while keeping their brand of catchy rock in the process. Definitely a listen with tons of replay value, not to mention the beautiful and haunting closer featuring Amy Lee of Evanescence.

2. If I Die First- My Poison Arms

What do you get when a group of popular underground emo rappers gets together with a member (Travis Richter) of the classic post-hardcore band From First To Last? Well, an EP filled with mid-00s nostalgia. If you love bands such as the previously mentioned FFTL, Saosin, Underoath, and the like, then this band is right up your alley. Lil Lotus shows off his vocal versatility doing the majority of the screaming and singing on this delivering an emotional yet exciting performance. Putting all the MySpace nostalgia aside, the music is really well done and produced and the EP is a satisfying listen yet leaves you wanting more.

3. Courage My Love- Spectra

This is one of the most underrated bands in the scene right now. Actually, in general! Coming from the warped tour scene, Spectra finds Courage My Love going further into the synth-pop world…and delivering. This EP is perfect for those summer drives in the evening or vibing with your friends. The music is very reminiscent of The 1975, Pale Waves, and Chvrches, while sticking to their own style. Spectra was also self-produced by frontwoman Mercedes Arn-Horn for the first time. Fun fact, her twin sister Phoenix, is also in the band handling most of the other instruments and backing vocals.

4. Bloodbather- Silence

Well, if If I Die First was old MySpace scene revival, this is old chaotic core revival. Bloodbather does not relent on this release with shrieking vocals and low gutturals on top of panic chords. The low vocals are very similar to the late frontman Mitch Lucker of Suicide Silence, while the music channels that of bands such as Zao, Norma Jean, and Converge. With a year like 2020 thankfully coming to an end, Silence is perfect to kick its ass right out the door..and maybe a friend or two, if you have masks on that is.

5. Bilmuri- EGGYPOCKET

Not sure, but I am pretty sure for the last few years, Bilmuri has made one of these lists. Johnny Franck just keeps his creative juices flowing creating music every year and doing it on his own terms. He has a loyal following who adores him, he may not be a scene star like Dance Gavin Dance who he featured on a song with this year, but he is very successful on his own sharing this year he was able to buy a house! That really is the dream. Good Music. Good Vibes. Good People. That’s Bilmuri, the music, and the fans. Egg.

The Rest Of The Best:

6. Valley- sucks to see you doing better

7. VRSTY- Cloud City

8. Jutes- A Really Bad Dream

9. Eighteen Visions- Inferno

10. Heart Of Gold- Gold

11. Outline In Color- Imposter Syndrome

12. Lil Lotus- All My Little Scars 1-3

The series of EPs by Lil Lotus makes the list as one rank

13. Stasis- My State Of Decay

14. Up Late- Stars

15. Lil Aaron- 808 Rock

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