Erra Announce Self Titled Album

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The rabid fanbase has been anxiously awaiting and speculating about the new album ever since the first single, Snowblood, was released back on August 27th of last year. Erra has announced that it will release a new full length album on March 19th. The self titled LP will feature the second single, “House of Glass” that was previously released along with a video on November 19th of 2020. Limited edition vinyl’s and multiple other items , unique to this albums theme have gone up for sale. If history tells us anything these wont last long, so go grab your copy before they are gone!

Pre-orders are now live:

Divisionary has some elements of old school Erra with the tapping riff to start the song out. Starting off at a slower tempo than the last 2 singles, it caught me slightly off guard. My initial thought on this song was that Jesse Cash sounds better than ever. Production quality is above and beyond what most bands put out these days.

The song calms a bit towards the middle and all the instruments drop off except for Alex Ballew’s drums and a synth sound in the background. Conor Hesse comes in with his fantastic playing and one of the best sounding bass tones I have ever heard.

The guitars start to come back in and then we get JT Cavey with some incredible singing that we have not heard much of in his body of work with Erra thus far. His voice and Jesse’s blend so well together towards the last part of this track. The two vocalist are so in sync on this song, unlike anything they have done yet. It truly is something to marvel at. I am always impressed at how much this group of guys can push themselves into new territory but still keep that unique Erra sound.

Watch the new video below

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