South Carolina Artist Corey Ward Earns Spot on The Voice

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Second chances in life are few and far between, especially in the music industry. Either we don’t get a second chance, or when the opportunity presents itself, we’re too afraid to try again. This was not the case for South Carolina native Corey Ward. The Singer/Songwriter from Hartsville, South Carolina earned his spot Monday night March 1st on the NBC’s hit show The Voice Performing “Dancing On My Own” By Robyn.

The Journey

This was not the first time Corey has stood in front of the judges hoping to secure a spot on The Voice. Back in October of 2020, Corey auditioned with Kaleo song “Way Down We Go“. Though he did not get a judge to turn their chair, Corey said he took it as a learning experience and continued to sing. Check out Corey’s first audition below.

Corey Ward Performing Kaleo’s Way Down We Go on The Voice

Season 20

Though Corey came up short in Season 19, this was not the case for the singer in 2021. Corey took the advice of the judges to keep singing and to find a song that showed off his range. Corey did just that performing Robyn’s “Dancing on My Own“. When asked by John Legend what he changed from his last audition, Corey stated, “Staying true to who I am. I’m an emotional heart guy. This song fit me better as a person and an artist.…..” Staying true to who he was paid off for the singer turning the chairs of both Kelly Clarkson and John Legend, which ultimately earned Corey a spot on Team Kelly. Check out Corey’s performance below and make sure you tune in each week do cheer on Corey and your favorite constants.

Corey Ward Performing Dancing on My Own: Season 20 of The Voice

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