Bring Me The Horizon Break Top 500 Artists In The World

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If the massive attention and admiration Bring Me The Horizon have been receiving during their release week for Amo, then tossing a top artists spot is definitely the icing on top. It was also reported today that they landed #1 in the UK on their charts beating out The Greatest Showman soundtrack and the newest offering from 90s boyband Backstreet Boys.


If you have ever gone through some of the popular artists on Spotify you would notice a blue circle with a ranking in it. These are the top streamed artists in the world and Bring Me The Horizon has earned themselves a place on this list. What is shocking is the night and day differences between them and bands who have became household names in the scene yet are not ranked as well as their numbers compared to the other bands who broke out. Let’s take a look.

Bring Me The Horizon vs The Scene

Bring Me The Horizon reach top 500 in the world

Bring Me The Horizon have hit the 481st slot at publishing, compared to the other bands in their wheelhouse…

A Day To Remember
Asking Alexandria

Bring Me The Horizon vs The Top

While those differences between them and the other bands absolutely insane, what is even more insane is the distance they still need to go.

Panic! At The Disco
Fall Out Boy

From this data, of these breakout acts from the scene, Paramore seems to be the first band they could overtake. However, it’ll be awhile before they topple the queen of the charts, Ariana Grande.

Ariana Grande is the most streamed artist in the world at this time
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