TEN YEARS UNDERRATED: Albums Turning Ten In #TwentyNineScene

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With this era in time, being the late 2010’s, we are obsessed with every record from our younger days hitting that magical ten year milestone. What used to be something special has become cliche and quite too common today. Granted, some bands make the tours special such as Underoath’s Rebirth Tour or recently Silverstein’s Discovering The Waterfront 15 Year Tour.

So here we are in 2019 aka #TwentyNineScene and we have a slew of records turning ten such as Homesick by A Day To Remember which turned this past weekend or another big record, All Time Low’s Nothing Personal. However we are going to focus on some records turning ten this year we may have forgotten about, don’t get enough love, or the band just didn’t pan out to be as big as they deserved.

** This list is in NO order**

A Skylit Drive- Adelphia

While A Skylit Drive is commonly known as well as their discography, many fans tend to favor the record prior to this one (Wires…And The Concept Of Breathing) or this one’s follow up (Identity On Fire) to this record. We wish we could see a ten years tour of this.

blessthefall- Witness

Image result for blessthefall witness album

Much like Adelphia, blessthefall have a pretty well known back catalog but this record seems to be lost in the mix. It is also the first to feature Beau Bokan after Craig Mabbit’s departure.

Broadway- Kingdoms

Image result for broadway kingdoms

Broadway was a band that never got the love and attention they deserved. However, they do have follow up records after this one but this is their most popular ironically. However when we look back at 2009 and the music released, this one isn’t at the forefront of the masses’ memory.

The Color Morale- We All Have Demons

Though The Color Morale ended up getting a decent following later in their careers. The early years they were barely known and this record was certainly one of those released in 2009 that many seem to remember. But when they do, it’s with fondness.

The Crimson Armada- Guardians

If there ever was a banner to be carried for Christian Deathcore, this record is it. Filled with symphonic elements and crushing breakdowns, this one still holds up. Plus the artwork is B E A U T I F U L!

Drop Dead Gorgeous- The Hot N’Heavy

Another record by another band who didn’t get the ultimate spotlight they deserved. Even with this record, their most popular one is InVogue…Perhaps a popular record label of the same name took that to honor the band. We will let you figure that one out.

Emery- In Shallow Seas We Sail

While Emery is certainly a known and popular band, some of these songs are still in the live set, when one asks an Emery fan what their favorite record is, this one isn’t nearly at the top. It’s not just the old records either, some of the later releases tend to beat it out at times. It’s also one not many have seemed to remember this year as of yet.

Hopes Die Last- Six Years Home

A band that once again never got the love and exposure they deserved. They very well could’ve become the next Underoath.

In Fear & Faith- Your World On Fire

Sure, this could be the record you look at here and think that it shouldn’t belong here. I mean Rise Records FINALLY gave it a vinyl pressing last year. It was a staple….in it’s time and sadly stayed there. It seems that while it caught tons of attention in 2009, it seemed to wither away as the band itself broke up.

Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster- III

Or this could be that record you think shouldn’t be here. After all Maylene headlined the 2010 Scream The Prayer Tour in support of this album, which that tour had a few bands on this list on it as well. I will defend this being here by asking, did you think of this record in your list?

Of Machines- As If Everything Was Held In Place

My heart hurts. The one and only record Of Machines ever released and it was ahead of its time. If there ever was a band who released only one record that still has a cult following, this would be that band. Despite never making it big or releasing more music, many many people would love to see this band and record on a ten-year tour. **We did get Woe, Is Me out of this though and out of Woe, Is Me we got Issues soooo…**

A Plea For Purging- Depravity

Another band who carried the banner for Christian Metalcore/Deathcore. They blurred those genre lines pretty well on this record. Though their earlier fans still love this record, their follow up (The Marraige Of Heaven And Hell) is what got them known for the time period they remained a band.

Red- Innocence & Instinct

If you’re a former youth group kid, you know all about RED. Certainly one of the more talented bands in the Christian Rock scene as their lyrics hit home for everyone. This record is one of those as well that seems to get lost between their previous release (End Of Silence) and the follow up (Until We Have Faces). The latter being their heaviest record.

Watchout! Theres Ghosts- Ghost Town

This is probably the only band most reading this may not have heard of. This is also their only record. It features former A Skylit Drive singer Jordan Blake and the project could only be compared to Breathe Carolina in terms of what they sounded like.

Special Mentions: Those Who Never Got Discovered

We all have those bands during our discovery years we found and they never panned out or formed other bands who went on to become successful. Here are some of those.

Her Demise My Rise- Take The Crown

They didn’t takeover..though a few tracks feature T. Mills and Austin Carlile

Skyscrapers Walk Among Us- Divergence Of Our Lives

*Listens to A Skylit Drive once*

Missing In Maryland- I’ll Scream You To Sleep

Poor man’s Attack Attack!…it rips though

Arms Like Yours- My Silhouette

This is Rory Rodriguez of Dayseeker’s old band….they’re still on Spotify..don’t tell Rory.

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