Underclassmen, Upper-Class Achievements

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We got to chat with a rising pop duo called The Underclassmen who are currently signed to Waldman Management along with Kapax Management with Curtis Douglas co managing the band with Waldman. The Underclassmen have released their debut video for their single Former Life.

Watch it below and then see what Dan from The Underclassmen had to say to us about their rise and future plans!

SLMAG: Thanks for chatting with us today, we are in the middle of summer right now, so how has 2019 been to you guys so far?

TU: 2019 has been one of the craziest years so far! Releasing has been something we’ve been looking forward to for a while now. We’ve been doing a lot of planning and creating, and now that it’s finally time to show everyone what we’ve been working on, we are immensely excited. It’s been an eye-opening year for us, and a very positive one, and we imagine the rest of the year will keep it coming.

SLMAG: Just as a back story, let’s get these questionsthateveryoneasks out of the way, what are the origins of this band and the name? 

TU: We met back in high school through a girl Justin was dating. She told Dan that her boyfriend wanted to get together and play some music, and so we did. The first song we played together was Crossfade’s “Cold.” At that time we were strictly just acoustic guitar, which was played by Dan, and vocals by Justin. After we started playing together more, we started playing our high school’s open mic night and started off doing covers and then began writing. The name and new genre didn’t end up coming together until we both moved out to Los Angeles and started working with our now co-manager and producer Curtis Douglas. When we found our niche in the more pop style, that’s when The Underclassmen was born. 

SLMAG: We have seen a spike in 80s inspired pop music over the last three or four years and you guys seem to be nestled right into that style. What is it about the genre that you believe is causing it to make a comeback and what about it is drawing you guys to find your niche in the genre?

TU: It was a time of heavy synths, poppy vocals and upbeat, well-written songs. The 80’s pop scene had that certain essence of “chill” (while still being energetic) that I think a lot of people are trying to connect with again. For a while with modern music, it had definitely been about being edgier and standing out more, which is amazing. We feel like society is constantly changing, and we are now in an era where positivity, connection and self-acceptance are key. 80’s music had the substance and the vibe that just made you want to hold your head up and look to the horizon. It was easy to relate, it had that positivity, and every song focused on the little things that we should love about life – the little things that make us great. It just feels so good to be able to write stuff like that. 

SLMAG: The single ‘Former Life’ is out right now along with a music video, what is the basis of this song? Something beautiful about this style of pop is deep meaning and expression can be written into it while keeping up with the catchy hooks and feel good vibes. 

TU: The song is simply about how today’s technology is controlling and changing the way we connect with others. People tend to document every part of their lives and show their friends online, which takes away the opportunity to enjoy life for what it really is. We love the concept of a “former life,” where you wouldn’t have technology at every turn, you took the opportunities to live in the moment, look each other in the eyes when you had something to say, and dance like no one is watching.

SLMAG: What future endeavors are on the table for you guys in terms of releases and touring?

TU: Right now, we’re looking at our future releases, as we have about two years worth of work ready to be seen and heard. In regards to touring, we’re planning and preparing what The Underclassmen’s live experience will be. Since we want it to be one that you’ll never forget, we’re definitely taking careful time so that we can pour everything we’ve got into it. We can’t wait for everyone to see what’s in store!

SLMAG: Where can people follow you? Shamelessly plug anywhere and everywhere your socials and music is at!

TU: Facebook and Instagram: The Underclassmen Music

Twitter: The Undrclassmen

Follow us on social media to be the first to see release dates, upcoming shows, etc., you can also visit our website: www.theunderclassmen.net

“Former Life” is available now everywhere: Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Google Play, Deezer, YouTube Music, Soundcloud, and many more

*Most importantly, thank you to those reading this! You make this possible!

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