Jonas Brothers Showing Off Their Wives Is The Hardest Flex

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We didn’t go to the year 3000, but we did get The Jonas Brothers back this past Friday and the internet is loving it. The new single, Sucker, is their first since their 2013 single, First Time. Since then, The Jonas Brothers have been doing their own things, mainly Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas, both releasing their own music while Kevin Jonas has seemed to be on the low being a family man.

For the old school fans of The Jonas Brothers, the new song isn’t what they grew up knowing the band to be. Their playful pop punk was traded for more of a modern pop sound which is catchy and infectious. However, something they did do that is quite amazing is showcasing their wives in the video. Take a look below:

The reason this seems to be a big deal is because while many artists of their size may have a significant other, they still opt for some other model or actor/tress to be the character in their videos. While this may not be a bad thing or even a cause for concern, it is quite awesome they let their ladies take the lead here and show them off, leaving now mid 20s women who grew up longing to be Mrs. Jonas both jealous or happy they did that, in some cases stealing the bros’ spotlight.

Right now, we aren’t sure when we can expect more from The Jonas Brothers but we hope sooner than later and not until the year 3000.

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