Albums Of The Year Part 3: Rock/Metal/Alternative Edition

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We are in the middle of the holidays currently and hope you and yours are having a great season of friends, family, rest, and of course, music! This list highlights probably the focal point of our rankings ever year, being that we cover this scene extensively.

Some of these may be of no surprise while others may be a record you didn’t expect to see. Either way, we hope this adds to your holiday soundtrack revisiting some of the best of 2019.

1. Bring Me The Horizon- Amo

Very rare that a record released so early in the year holds up against everything else released and ranks #1. Amo did just that. Until their recent release* of Songs To *insert long title here*, this was their most different offering to date. Finally blending in the pop style tons of us have longed for with their brand of rock.

*Even then, we wouldn’t consider that release a proper album such as Amo

2. Emarosa- Peach Club

Much like Amo, Emarosa released Peach Club in early 2019 and it held up all you dancing and grooving around our playlists and daily spins. Walden’s voice further goes beyond what we have heard from him and has cemented himself as one of the best vocalists in this scene. If you have been to their shows this year you have seen the merch table which has a hat that spells it out perfectly. Post-Hardcore Emarosa is dead. Welcome to the Peach Club.

3. American Football- LP3

Was this the most listened to record on this list? Not even close. However, when it is listened to, it takes you to another place. Almost a nostalgic trance-like state, almost at peace with the world. One of those things where it’s quality vs quantity. A quality album will beat out another record regardless of listens. Also, with the news of Hayley Williams making solo music in 2020, given her feature on this record, we wonder if it will be along these lines.

4. Bad Omens- Finding God Before God Finds Me

After the controversy last year of leaving a tour*, Bad Omens spent that time they would’ve been on the road on finishing this record. We are glad they did. Finding God finds Bad Omens expanding on their larger than life sound with blending in new elements. They haven’t headlined the big rooms yet but this record sounds like it needs a theater to hold it. This record is catchy, angry, and full of emotion.

*Anyone with a brain knows it wasn’t over a damn logo size on a tour poster

5. Knocked Loose- A Different Shade Of Blue

With their 2016 offering Laugh Tracks sending Knocked Loose up the ranks, their second release was hyped up and much anticipated. Would they deliver? The answer is yes. With a shocking #26 debut on the Billboard 200, they continued to dominate 2019 and this record goes even beyond what their previous did. Hitting you hard with no apologies or relenting.

The Rest Of The Best:

6. The Devil Wears Prada- The Act

7. Norma Jean- All Hail

8. He Is Legend- White Bat

9. Wage War- Pressure

10. Being As An Ocean- PROXY: An A.N.I.M.O. Story

11. I Prevail- Trauma

12. Issues- Beautiful Oblivion

13. As Cities Burn- Scream Through The Walls

14. Oh, Sleeper- Bloodied/Unbowed

15. The Almost- Fear Caller

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