Lineup Update: Epicenter + Rockville 2020

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For anyone that paid close attention the flyer for Epicenter and Welcome To Rockville you might have noticed in the on Friday at Epicenter and Saturday there were ??? ??. This had many fans asking who the mysterious band might have been. Well, it’s official The Hu will be performing alongside Metallica, Godsmack, Papa Roach Disturbed and many more.

Who Is The Hu?

The Hu consists of Gala, Jaya, Enkush and Temka, who identify their band as Hunnu Rock and hail from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The Hu combine rock and metal with traditional Mongolian Throat Singing. The Hu’s latest release “The Gereg” in September of 2019 and lanes them a 103 spot on the Billboard 200. You will also see the guys colab with From Ashes To New and Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach. Make sure you don’t miss these guys on Friday May 1 at Epicenter and Saturday May 9th at Rockville.

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