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It has been a time of ten-year reunions of bands coming back together as well as bands who are together playing old favorites for fans who grew up with them. One band who never thought they’d be able to do this is Scary Kids Scaring Kids. A band who caught fire in the mid to late 00s but then decided to hang it up. Unfortunately, tragedy struck in 2014 when founding member and frontman, Tyson Stevens, died unexpectedly.

Scary Kids Scaring Kids have been quite quiet over the years until this October when they released a song in honor of Tyson Stevens called Loved Forever, which then got the wheels in motion for a return to the stage for the band in which we are proud to say we bring you that news today.

The City Sleeps In Flames 15 Year Tour

The City Sleeps In Flames was released in June of 2005, with this year making its 15th year anniversary. The tour will begin next year on the west coast then continue on through the east later in 2020.

The biggest news is that Cove Reber of Saosin fame along with his new band, Dead American, will be handling vocal duties. You can listen to our interview below with Pouyan Afkary and Chad Crawford about the anniversary tour along with getting Cove Reber to sing for the band and a little reflection on Tyson Stevens.

Scary Kids Scaring Kids Interview

The City Sleeps In Flames Tour Dates

Tickets and tour support to be coming soon!

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