Parkway Drive – Silver Spring, Maryland

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Parkway Drive. What can I say, they always leave us Speechless. This time around, they brought Bad Omens and Stick To Your Guns along for the ride for a Cinco de Mayo performance at the Fillmore in Silver Spring, Maryland.


Bad Omens opened the show up, relative new-comers to the scene with a self-titled full length, released in 2016. This was my first experience seeing these guys live, and they’re most definitely going places.

Stick To Your Guns was up next, and as per usual brought a heavy and hard performance to the stage. A Majority of the STYG set featured songs from “Diamond”, and their most recent release “True View”. These guys always kill it live, and this was no exception.

To close the night, Parkway Drive took the stage at the Fillmore, a stage they’re very familiar with, and treated Silver Spring to some old hits alongside some new songs from their brand new release, “Reverence”, which was released just a day before the show. The tracks are noticeably heavier and created a feisty crowd for the performance, which opened with “Wishing Wells”, the first single off of “Reverence”. I mention it enough, every time I see Parkway Drive, they never disappoint and always find a way to make their live a show better than the last.

We also just interviewed vocalist Winston McCall at Carolina Rebellion, which you can view below and learn more about “Reverence”.

Parkway Drive Setlist – Silver Spring, Maryland
1. Wishing Wells
2. Carrion
3. Vice Grip
4. Dedicated
5. Bone Yards
6. The Void
7. Idols & Anchors
8. Karma
9. The Prey
10. Dead Man’s Chest
11. Wild Eyes
12. Crushed
13. Bottom Feeder

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