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I had the chance to chat with guitarist Anthony Beheler of the Lynchburg, VA metalcore band Two Sides Of Me recently after their set at the 2021 Blue Ridge Rock Festival. He talks about their musical influences, the festival, and about what’s next for the band as they continue to reach larger audiences – First, Virginia. After? The world.

1. What are a couple of artists that you feel have influenced your sound?

We all listen to a lot of different stuff on our own, and I think when it comes to our writing process it has become a great tool for us in a way. Depending on the song we are working on, we will pull some inspiration from artists that are similar to our sound, and then sometimes we get inspiration from artists of completely different genres. Current artists that have been inspiring us a lot lately are Spiritbox, Currents, Crystal Lake, Structures, Architects, and Twenty One Pilots. 

2. Is The Blue Ridge Rock Festival your first festival?

We actually got to play the Blue Ridge Rock Fest in 2019, and that was a very exciting and memorable experience. We have played a few smaller festivals as well around the region but Blue Ridge Rock Fest is always the best time. We are so excited to be able to hit the stage again alongside many other great artists!

3. What’s next for TSOM?

Having taken a year and a half off from touring, we are excited to be planning some dates out on the road for later this year. We are hard at work on our album and can’t wait to release more details about that soon, and possibly dropping another single soon, too!

Here are some of my photos from their set:

You can check out their latest single “Bury Me” below in the music video directed by Thomas Helvenstine:

“Bury Me” by Two Sides Of Me


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