Interview with Slaves

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If there’s one band that has constantly been in the spotlight in some form or fashion over the last few years it’s been Sacramento California post Hardcore outfit Slaves. From changing members to leaving their label and taking the indie route. Jonny Craig and the rest of the guys in Slaves lay it all out there in this recent interview with SoundlinkTV.

2018 Journey for Slaves

The band kicks off the interview talking about the tours they’ve been a part of since the last time we talked them in the early part of 2018. Since then the boys have been on 2 co-headliners released an album, changed members and began recording a new acoustic album.

Come to Brazil Please!

2018 was a first for the band Slaves because they made their first trip to Brazil. The band shares their experience with being there for the first time, as well as a crazy interaction with one fan.

Member changes

The band continues to talk about their current member status and how much of a solid line up they have and the energy each person bring to the stage.

We made the decision to pave our own way

For a band with the cards stacked against them, Slaves have proven time and time again they’re a force to the reckoned with. the band continues to talk about how they continue to tour with amazing acts time after time and they continue to climb their way to the top, despite what people in the “Industry” have to say about them.

Future Plans

The future is bright for the guys with plans to release a new acoustic album later this year, tour and possible tour overseas.


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