SoundlinkTV Chats With James From TesseracT

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SoundlinkTV recently caught up with James Monteith, Guitarist for the progressive metal band TesseracT in Greenville, South Carolina. Check out what James had to say about touring with Between The Buried And Me, their new album Sonder and much more.

Touring the world

Trenton kicks off the interview asking James if even after all these years of touring and coming to the US, if the band still gets culture shocked about things that are openly available in the US versus other places in the world. James talks about when you tour world it’s not really a culture shock , cause you get use to places being different and what offends people in different places.

Touring with Between The Buried & Me

James talks about this being the third time TesseracT has toured with Between The Buried & Me and how they’ve become really good friends over the years. He continues by saying that even though they’ve toured together in the past, they still have the goal in mind to help each other obtain new fans each night.

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