INTERVIEW: Holy+Gold (ex Norma Jean/The Chariot)

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We were able to catch with Holy+Gold recently on their short run with the legendary Zao. We also have Zao coming soon as well, hint hint. This band, though not known or big, has a storied history involving two very influential acts The Chariot and Norma Jean.

We do not get into the history of those bands, but rather discuss where they are now being older with families and their perspective on being in a band now. We do discuss how the musical landscape has changed with trends such as the Christian band title being trendy vs now it’s not as popular as the early/mid 00s.

Holy+Gold is currently sitting on their new release set for July and you can hear more about that and more in the interview below and how they’re planning to release future music. Hint: This won’t be the only release we will see from them this year.

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