INTERVIEW: Hayley Cramer (Pop Evil)

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Check out this new interview we had the honor of doing with Hayley Cramer of Pop Evil. It was a very laid back yet informative conversation in which we discussed the band itself, her being a newer member, and their recent tour with Cheap Trick and Poison.

Touring With Legends

We discuss how Pop Evil recently wrapped up a tour with rock legends Cheap Trick and Poison. To those unfamiliar with Pop Evil, they’re a massive rock act and opened this tour. Despite being 10 years old as a band, I wanted to know if there were some things they learned from these bands despite their longevity. Spoiler Alert: It seemed more like one big party than an educational moment. Just how we like it!

Being A New Member/First Time Recording W/ Pop Evil

Hayley Cramer is the newest member of Pop Evil taking the spot on the drum kit. With Pop Evil having a storied history thus far and a loyal fan base, we discussed what it was like for her coming into the band as well as the fans accepting her. She mentioned some were annoyed she was a woman with all the dudes (mainly the female base), but she made it clear early on she was in it for the music. Being a woman in a band with dudes shouldn’t imply anything beyond that they are skilled at their craft and love the music all the same. We back that.

We also learned that her family back in Europe is actually very musical. We asked how they reacted when she made the move to America to play drums for the band and they were very supportive.

Their 2018 release is also the first Pop Evil record to feature Cramer so we discussed nerves and mindset going into recording her first piece with the band. Thankfully, her background playing music in other bands and being seasoned in her craft helped a ton aside from the nerves ANY musician has going in to make something new for everyone to listen to.


Lipstick On The Mirror Ten Year Tour?

This year marks the ten year anniversary of Pop Evil’s Lipstick On The Mirror. The ten-year tour fad is very hot right now with artists of all sizes cashing in and celebrating the early works that fans love. We brought this up and nothing has been discussed about it, but because we asked Hayley was very into the idea and mentioned possibly bringing it up to the guys. So, if this happens later this year you can thank you Soundlink Magazine crew for getting it in motion ;).


Pop Evil LIVE Greenville SC

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