Blacktop Mojo Interview: Never Invite the Rock Band to the Golf Course

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Blacktop Mojo Interview: Never Invite the Rock Band to the Golf Course
by Kidman J. Williams

As soon as you see and hear the name Blacktop Mojo, it incites excitement and memories of times of running down the road to a huge party with three of your dull brained friends jammed into your T-type Monte Carlo; two 30 packs of High Life and a bottle of Jack Daniels in the trunk of the car and a half ounce of weed in the glove box. You know it will be an adventure. Talking with Matt James of Blacktop Mojo gave me the same sense that I get when I listen to their music. It is like I’m talking to an old friend that just understands where I’m coming from. It is friendship, kinship, and old times.

He spoke of a time in the golf course when they found out about their song charting on Billboard. What you didn’t hear was the story that I told him about my friends and I. I’m going to tell you that story.

It was a Saturday night, we were in high school. We were somewhere around 17 years old. We already felt like we were seasoned drinking vets. We really were moronic 17-year-olds who were pumped full of testosterone, strong will, and stubborn stupidity.

A bunch of us thought it was a great idea to go party in the golf course one night. There were about 20 of us hanging out in the middle of the night. The guy to girl ratio was pretty even, which is always an ingredient for male foolishness. And three of us rose to the challenge. We were all getting loose. I’m not going to name any names. They don’t deserve that. Most of us have families now. And they don’t deserve to be called out against their wills.

Three of us got an idea, we were going to grab one of the golf carts. We jumped in and took off. The crowd was loving it. All we could do was just smile and laugh. We were cruising in a golf cart in the middle of the night at the community golf course. There were no thoughts of repercussions, live for the day. What could really happen? Then I had the idea.

I yelled over the engine of the cart to my buddy, “Let’s bury this thing!”

“What do you mean?” McSkinny asked.
“Let’s drive this thing into the pond!”
And without a hesitation, JoJo got off the ride. He knew McSkinny and I was nutty enough to do just that.
McSkinny hit the accelerator and away we went. We felt like the men on the Apollo 13 mission. All we heard was wind, our screams, and Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Gimme Three Steps” jamming from camp as they cheered us on.
We hit the edge of the pond and jumped for our lives!
Ok, it really wasn’t for our lives, but we were overly dramatic and excitable teenage boys….we were morons.
James and I spoke of a lot of things off the record, but some of these things are just for us.

Blacktop Mojo is the quintessential party band. You know what, that might be a little generalized. Blacktop Mojo are the scientists of the human condition. They spark excitement, deliver moods, and they do it with a lot of love.

This is Blacktop Mojo.

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