#ForeverWarped: Interview With Chelsea Grin + Gallery

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The coast to coast version of the Vans Warped Tour has been the longest running festival tour in North American since the 90s. It has brought bands and fans closer than any other brand has in this scene, even with barricades at these shows. Spend the day seeing bands you don’t get to see through the year, watch some old favorites, or get wild and find something new! All of those have made Warped Tour what it has become known for. Since 2015, we have been bringing coverage via interviews to you guys and this year was no different. To kick this off, watch our interview with the newly energized Chelsea Grin below!

What Does Warped Tour Mean To You?

One theme you will find in these interviews is asking the bands what this tour has meant to them. For Chelsea Grin, it was different to hear the perspectives because Chelsea Grin themselves as a brand have been on Warped Tour a few times, however newcomer Tom Barner has not. So between the three veterans and Tom, the view and sentiment was unique for one band. Watch to hear what the band says to this question.

Down Sizing, A New Face

If one thing was certain, we pushed this early on, is that Chelsea Grin was a must see at this year’s final run. The addition of Tom Barber coming from Lorna Shore and a ferocious new record was something desired to be seen live as soon as possible, that and his voice on the classic tracks. We discussed his personal anxieties and some not so funny hate mail he received once joining the band. As for downsizing? Watch to hear where the ex-members went and why they left!

New Record ‘Eternal Nightmare’

This summer gave us Eternal Nightmare, the debut with Tom Barber after Alex Kohler’s departure. Fans have praised the record but that wasn’t the case going into it. Guitarist Stephen Rutishauser tells us his emotions during the process and upon releasing it. The whole band felt it as well, but being the songwriter for everything and having a new man be the band’s face, the feeling of comfort and ease is hard to come by.

Photo Gallery

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