No Scope “Maps” Out Their Road to Success

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Meet No Scope! They are the hottest new pop-punk band out of Winston-Salem, NC. No Scope consists of AJ on vocals, Preston on drums, Brad on guitar, Kaje on bass, and Mykel on guitar. The band is almost a “supergroup” of sorts, with the members coming from previous bands such as We Rise to Fall, The Kollektive, The Comedowns, ThreeFour Mountain, and The Lilly Brothers.

Photo by Olivia Jewell Photography

They began building up their rapidly-growing social media following long before their first single, and have been doing everything at their own pace ever since: “The No Scope Way”. Their first single is a cover of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s song “Maps” and will be out on August 6th. Their first live show is coming up on September 4th and is a Get Sad Y’All (formerly known as Emo Raleigh) show, a popular event organization out of Raleigh, NC. It seems like people are catching on quickly that these guys have true talent and are destined for success. I recently had a chance to chat with AJ and Brad about the origins of the band, what’s next for them, and more. Here’s what they had to say:

You can check out more about them at the following links:

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