Album Review: Godsmack When Legends Rise

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Godsmack, well I can’t say enough about them. These guys have been rocking out
for over 20 years and don’t seem to be slowing down. This is their seventh studio album
and it has moments that are different, changing with the times, but also still shows their
hard rock side. This new album really paints a different picture for them, as they prove why
they are one of the top rock bands still today.
They start the album with the title track, “When Legends Rise”, which is much like a
lot of their other songs off of the previous album. The songs “Every Part of Me” and “Take It
to the Edge” really showcases the new style of guitar riffs that they are working with. The
songs are reasonably heavy until “Under Your Scars”, which starts with a piano intro and
introduces guitar and drums at the first chorus but keeping a slower tempo. Nearing the
end of the album, “Let It Out” starts very different then Godsmack fans might be used to,
but it really is one of my favorite tracks on the album. The verses are quiet with palm
muting on the guitars, then goes into a faster tempo and louder guitars and drums for the

I’ve been a fan of Godsmack since the beginning so I can really see how different
this new album is from other ones, but I love it. You can still hear the old Godsmack, the
sounds we’re all used to. At the same time, you can clearly hear how different it is, especially
with the guitars. This album perfectly combines their old sound with a new modern sound
that fits with today’s sound. These guys will forever be legends in my book, and this album
is no exception, so you should really go check it out!

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