REVIEW: Tides Of Man’s ‘Every Nothing’

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It’s hard to believe that 8 years ago one of two faces of Dance Gavin Dance, Tilian Pearson, was singing in Tides Of Man. A band who allowed his voice to sit beautifully on top of layers of sound and melodic music. Of course, Pearson is now offering his skills in Dance Gain Dance and Tides Of Man are pushing their boundaries instrumentally on ‘Every Nothing’.

A True Work Of Art

Tides Of Man’s latest offering ‘Every Nothing’ is that of true art. Someone who isn’t into instrumental bands, such as myself, will find themselves entranced with this record. When we think of those types of bands, we usually picture technical fast music and pounding drums, not a beautiful journey with layers of sound. Every Nothing doesn’t shy away from showing some skill, especially in the drums. While the guitars are carrying the songs and requiring you to peel back their layers, the drums are finding their space with various patterns and fills, some at times you wouldn’t expect on a record like this.

Mirrored PauseImage result for tides of man every nothings

While we are discussing the guitars and drums, we arrive at the song Far Off, which brings in a break which you don’t know you wanted but welcome. The focus begins to shift into the piano with some atmospherical elements sitting just underneath it. After, the song Old 88 does the exact same, except with a nice clean electric guitar with slow drums picking it up just enough, but not too much. To say these songs weren’t meant to mirror each other would be hard to disprove.

A Mood For Everyone

What is so amazing about what Tides Of Man did, whether intentional or not, is that despite this record being a complete piece, a journey if you will, is that there are various moods for everyone to enjoy. Not one setting or one theme is consistent, but whether different blends and different elements are all here yet all speak to each other throughout Every Nothing. You can enjoy 3 songs, or there is 1 or 2 that speak to you, and the rest are just other pieces and your favorites are standalones, yet at the same time when they’re all together, they are a complete piece. This is a very unique dichotomy working on this record that not many bands have been able to accomplish.

Tides Of Man- Every Nothing



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