Album Review: Pop Evil- Self Titled

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It’s rare that a band will put out an album with a heavier sound to follow up their previous work, but that is exactly what Pop Evil have done with their new album, “Pop Evil.”
 The album starts off with the album’s lead single, “Waking Lions”, with its inspirational message of breaking out of the chains of fear and setting the tone of the album with its anthemic chorus that is sure to get the crowd screaming every lyric back at the band. This heavier rock sound carries on throughout the first half of the album with tracks like “Ex Machina” incorporating a breakdown in the bridge section along with “Art of War” showing off a slight Rage Against The Machine influence with rapping verses and nu-metal riffage along with lyrical themes reflecting the state of American politics.

Towards the latter half of the album, the band starts to bring it back to a lighter, more radio-friendly sound starting with the inspirational track, Be Legendary. It is from here, we also start to hear hints of electronic music incorporated with their rock sound in “Nothing But Thieves.” Throughout the remainder of the album, it sticks with a more melodic sound with themes dealing with growing up and facing the realities of the world and the hardships of it while overcoming them. The album closes out with the track, “Rewind,” which sings of rewinding the clock and wishing to start over again. In a way, this track almost feels like it’s describing the state of the band and wishing to start over.
 This album is a very well balanced offering from Pop Evil. They took the best elements of their previous sound and gave it their all in this album and it really shows. If this album being their self-titled is an indicator of their future as a band, we can only expect greater things to come. I, personally, recommend this album to any rock fan and pop fan. It has something to offer for every type of fan.
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