No ‘Hard Feelings’ Against Blessthefall

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Anytime a known act announces a new record, their dedicated fans hold in anticipation. Some will love it regardless and others will judge as if they’re God on judgement day. All of this is heightened when a band with a established sound such as Blessthefall shifts gears. If we know anything about this scene, it’s fans aren’t too welcome to initial change. With ‘Hard Feelings’, the new offering from Blessthefall releasing next month, fans are already sharing mixed reviews. Here is our take on the new record..

Chaos In The Beauty

If it’s something Blessthefall did well on ‘Hard Feelings’, it’s that they went to the extreme side of the spectrum with their sounds. Though the standard for this record is more melodic and active rock driven, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t pack a punch. The heavy parts of this new record are some of the heaviest we have ever heard from Blessthefall, and that’s  being said with my personal favorite ‘Hollow Bodies’ being their heaviest record.

On the contrary, the softer parts are absolutely beautiful. It is an in a way to some of what I See Stars has done lately with the EDM trance pop feel with ambient layers and vocals sitting on top. One has to wonder if frontman Beau Bokan’s wife, Lights, has had an influence on the sound whether directly or indirectly.

Return To Form In A New Way

Honestly speaking here, I personally hated the last record Blessthefall came out with. After hearing what ‘Hollow Bodies’ was to that, it just did not grow on me. With this new record, I was very skeptical on if it’ll be an improvement and was it ever. It combines everything we love from Blessthefall as well as introducing new elements in a seamless non forced way.

Beau Bokan is what you’d expect to hear, but the music is insanely done. What I mean is that Bokan is not a flashy singer or one who does different ranges and techniques. He’s more of a straight singer in which he tends to sound exactly the same on every song on every record. Which isn’t bad, he does his thing well. The musical aspect is the major step up on this album as they have taken everything fans have come to know them for and add new elements to create their own niche further in the scene. It may take some getting used to, but this is by far their strongest, complete work to date.

Check out their most recent single below:

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