Album Review: Sincerely, Me drop debut EP and bring new life to pop punk

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Album: Aesthetically Pleasing
Artist: Sincerely, Me
Release Date: 8.4.17

The California natives of Sincerely, Me have been making a name for themselves in the scene, and for a very good reason. They have that classic pop punk style we all know and love, but there’s something about their sound that is refreshing. To start their career they’ve released their debut EP titled “Aesthetically Pleasing” through the record label known as We Are Triumphant. While it’s only 5 songs, it’s got plenty of catchy hooks and melodies to keep you singing along.

First song off the EP is titled “Overthinking”. The intro guitar lead is a great start, right into a classic pop punk build up. I love the groove on this track, while still managing to not get too complicated. Pop Punk has always been known for simpler instrumentation but I’m fairly impressed with how tight of a sound these guys have accomplished. As we get deeper into the song we reach the bridge which has the usual soft vocals with drums continuing softly on the snare. From there, they bring the energy back up, incorporating some random pauses to keep the listener on their toes. Lyrics on this one really hit home as well, perfect way to sort of end the summer on a high note.

My next favorite track off the EP happens to be the one they released a music video for back in June, titled “Main Attraction”. Vocal rhythm and melodies are killer on this one, especially in the chorus. Then we hit the 2nd verse where they switch it up a bit and only bass and drums are in the back while singing takes forefront. My favorite lyrics on this song, perhaps even the entire EP, are during this bridge section:

“She’s attracted to bad guys and bro tanks
Girl you’re fine but sorry, haha, no thanks
She’s got a lot but not a lot of good things
It drains me, drains me”

While the music video is a bit silly and comical, I think it’s exactly what has been missing from the genre. From the days back when Blink would run around naked, or Sum 41 made a music video with all action figures, pop punk has definitely lost something. Maybe it’s bands taking themselves to seriously, or just a changing of times, but either way I think Sincerely, Me is starting their career off in the right direction. Check out the entire EP though, it’s “Hella” good.

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