2018 Albums Of The Year: Part 1

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It’s that time! Here is the compiled list of the favorites ranked in basically every category. From Alternative, Top 40, Upcoming Acts, and EPS, it’s all here! We kick this one off with the Alternative list. 

Album Of The Year

Alternative Albums Of The Year

1. Hopesfall- Arbiter

With their first album in a very, very long time, Post-Hardcore veterans Hopesfall ultimately took this slot for album of the year. The atmosphere and sonic flow of the record is damn perfection and despite heavy elements, they blend and flow with the atmosphere of this record. It sounds EXACTLY like the album art looks. Beautiful. Perfect. Relaxing. 

2. Underoath- Erase Me

Another band who released their first record in a long time, Underoath came out swinging and honest as ever on this album. Those who know me are probably shocked it isn’t #1, it was my most listened to of the year. Where this comes to falling in 2nd is while the songs are catchy and all great, it can seem to be more of a songs type of record at times where as Hopesfall just flows seamlessly. Also, ‘Sink With You’ is the one song for me that holds it back just slightly. 

3. The Plot In You- Dispose

The Plot In You shocked me with this one. The band has gotten so much better and innovative, but yet I did not expect to love this record as much as I did. The record is a full length for sure but yet it seems like it ends just as fast as it starts making it one to have a high replay value. Trust me, it did. 

4. Dance Gavin Dance- Artificial Selection

This was another one that shocked me. This seems to be the most complete record Dance Gavin Dance has released and it definitely shows. The songs are catchy as hell and Tilian adds some rasp to his voice on this record giving it a new flavor. It tends to lean more pop than most of their records have before and the songs will make you dance and get stuck in your head.

5. Blessthefall- Hard Feelings

A perfect example of how to maintain a very present heavy element while also evolving you sound and style to incorporate more synths as well as some pop elements. Beau gives his best performance yet and the songs sound bigger than ever. Certainly a new staple and possibly the new standard of their discography. 

The Rest Of The Best: 

6. Emery- Eve

7. The Amity Affliction- Misery

8. Fit For A King- Dark Skies

9. Beartooth- Disease

10. Silent Planet- When The End Began

11. Now, Now- Saved

12. Hands Like Houses- Anon

13. Architects- Holy Hell

14. Slaves- Beautiful Death

15. Ice Nine Kills- The Silver Scream

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