Staff Picks Part 3: Albums Of The Year (Big Bands)

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We have finally come to the final part of the top albums of the year. This list contains 13 records by better-known bands who have been doing this awhile and have a decent following. We hope you have enjoyed this series and feel free to tell us who your top picks were. You can find out previous two lists HERE and HERE.

Top 13 Albums Of 2017

1. Silverstein- ‘Dead Reflection’

Why It Matters: One of the classic acts in the post hardcore genre, yet after all these years they still bring the heat. Keeping true to the Silverstein style, they also venture and explore new areas. This record is career defining.

2. Eighteen Visions- ‘XVIII’

Why It Matters: This is another classic act. Disclaimer: This list has a ton. For Eighteen Visions, they do not miss a beat as they bring an onslaught of metalcore our scene has been thirsty for. Sprinkled in is their brand of hard rock as well, but overall this record is a banger.

3. To Speak Of Wolves- ‘Dead In The Shadow’

Why It Matters: This is the band’s first full length record in 4 years, though they did release an EP in 2016. They return to power house label Solid State Records and deliver a monster of aggression. The haunting background blended with the chaotic music with softer melodies at times make this one of the most complete albums of 2017.

4. Counterparts- ‘You’re Not You Anymore’

Why It Matters: Honestly, I have not been the biggest fan of Counterparts. In fact, I felt the last record was a let down. Going into this one, I set the bar low as it was going to be just ‘another melodic hardcore album’. Boy was I wrong. This is an emotional rollercoaster that makes you feel everything from start to finish. It is heavy, yet beautiful in every single way at the same time.

5. Have Mercy- ‘Make The Best Of It’

Why It Matters: Coming off their last album, ‘A Place Of Our Own’, they established themselves as a very vulnerable band. This is not lost on this offering as anyone can to relate to at least one song on this album. That’s really what this comes down to, a vulnerable and relatable record.

6. Like Moths To Flames- ‘Dark Divine’

Why It Matters: A band that I have written off years ago due to the same old, same old on every album dropped something that broke this list. ‘Dark Divine’ is not just a normal LMTF album, it’s much more. We hear them reach new heights and carve a new path for themselves on their best record musically, lyrically, and production. We hope they continue on this path throughout the rest of their time as a band.

7. Story Of The Year- ‘Wolves’

Why It Matters: Remember that classic disclaimer? OK good! After taking a hiatus, Story Of The Year bring us a little piece of old school goodness to the present. This record is a breath of fresh air for the music being put out right now. With everything stale, it’s good to have a modern classic show the scene how it’s done.

8. PVRIS- ‘All We Know Of Heaven, All We Know Of Hell’

Why It Matters: The sophomore slump missed PVRIS on this offering. After ‘White Noise’ sent them into scene stardom, don’t forget they became a headlining band after ONE album, everyone was anticipating what they’d do next. They did not disappoint. Lynn Gunn’s powerful voice takes command front and center as the music underneath carries it.

9. Being As An Ocean- ‘Waiting For Morning To Come’

Why It Matters: This record is a departure from what they have done on past records. This is more of a pop driven album that does not turn you off. It’s a soft vibey type of pop to be clear. The screams are still there, but instead of hardcore parts, they’re over pulsing sounds and ambience.

10. We Came As Romans- ‘Cold Like War

Why It Matters: While tons of these albums are here and have become explorations of new styles, this record is a return to form for We Came As Romans. After their last record sort of let fans down, the band found it’s groove and showed us all they still have it. All we can say about this one is welcome back boys!

11. Asking Alexandria- ‘Asking Alexandria’

Why It Matters: Losing a key member of the band is always a challenge to overcome and most bands can find a way to carry on. Many of those bands never see said key member back in their spot though. Everyone is caught up on the Danny Worsnop drama, and they dropped a career defining album. Wornop’s voice has never been stronger and the music traded in it’s breakdowns for infectious riffs and backing electronics.

12. Falling In Reverse- ‘Coming Home’

Why It Matters: Maturity isn’t something that is used to describe frontman Ronnie Radke, but it is something we can call this record. From the Muse type opening tracks to the My Chemical Romance sounding bangers, this is certainly a new direction for a band who has used rap in the wrong ways. This record just screams 2005 era alternative scene rock and as much as I tried to keep it from this list, I couldn’t. For now, FIR has a new fan.

13. Glassjaw- ‘Material Control’

Why It Matters: The last time this band dropped an album some of you guys reading this weren’t even alive. It has been a long time and they certainly have not lost a beat. Their influential trademark sound is captured very well and the music is very well written. The vocals have not aged as it still sounds like the early 00s listening to this album, who knows, maybe the next one will come in 2029.


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