Post Hardcore Revival: Never I + Harm + More

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Some amazing new music was released this past week that I have NOT stopped listening to. These new EPs are by upcoming acts who absolutely know how to do what they do, and do it well. What is amazing is that not only do these bands sound phenomenal on the recording, but they also deliver live. So if you need that post hardcore itch scratched namely the mid 00s then these releases are for you!

Never I- ‘The Less I Loved Myself’
FFO: Underoath/Vanna/Counterparts

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After months and basically a year of anticipation, North Carolina’s Never I have finally released the very chaotic yet emotional ‘The Less I Loved Myself’ EP. It is the last piece of work which features vocalist Ian Powell as Jacob Peters has been fronting the band for a year now as well after this was recorded. We can expect new material sometime this year with Peters, but this recording here showcases Ian Powell’s emotional vocals. Every scream, every note sang has some weight behind it in Powell’s writing and the music unleashes that emotion that explodes into emotional Chaos. This band could be massive in the post hardcore world one day and that day needs to be now.

Harm- ‘What We Know Is A Drop’
FFO: As Cities Burn/Underoath/A Skylit Drive

The album cover shows everything you need to know about this EP before you even listen. The nostalgia screams at you in the art and even the EP title. Harm’s ‘What We Know Is A Drop’ lives on the line between pop and heavy with elements of Underoath’s ‘They’re Only Chasing Safety’ and A Skylit Drive’s ‘Wires…’ albums in the poppy electronic parts before an As Cities Burn comes in on the heavy areas and driving riffs. In some cases, one would wonder if that is TJ Bonnette of As Cities Burn screaming because it’s eerily similar. This EP would have definitely lived on FUSE back in the mid-00s for sure. This band could develop more and become a post hardcore scene staple easily. The marketability here for them is probably more commercial than some of the others on this list.

The Burden- ‘The Presence Of Past Tense’
FFO: Hopes Die Last/Silverstein/Sent By Ravens

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Channeling everything from the late 00s from the heavy chaotic side to the catchy pop side, The Burden absolutely brings it on this EP. Frontman Jake Olexyn delivers a top-tier vocal performance switching between the screams and singing which he pulls off flawlessly. He shines on the ballad entitled ‘Clouded’ where he pushes his singing to new heights while musically, the track ‘A Search For Solace’ shows off a great balance between what he can do vocally while showing off the middle area between singing and screaming. Any fan of late 00s post hardcore will eat this up easily.

Empty- ‘The Healing Process’
FFO: Underoath/The Chariot/Being As An Ocean

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Empty are relatively newcomers hailing from South Carolina, but don’t let the fresh-faced band fool you, they know what the hell they are doing and hopefully this press here will turn many of you onto them. They blend all of their influences on this EP fairly well, the crazy heavy is there with the emotional build into singing or even spoken word at times. While every band can have room to grow and develop, I’m honestly not ready to hear what this band can do as they do the same later on, improving on what they do well with while continuing to incorporate different elements. Surely a great release to jam if you’re into of the bands in the FFO description.
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